IDpendant GmbH

IDpendant is an expert in IT security solutions, USB tokens, and chip cards. Headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich, the company is independent of all manufacturers and offers a wide range of services including authentication technology, IT security products, card management systems, and solutions for Identity & Access Management (IAM).

We work closely with our clients to adapt security solutions to the their needs: customized project planning, project implementation, and support are available. IDpendant is a one-stop source, employing the most effective technology for any given need and offering excellent value for money. The company cooperates closely with the world's very best suppliers. IDpendant is part of the Swiss Trüb Group - a multinational expert for debit, credit, identity, and loyalty cards.

  • phone: +49 89 3700 110-0
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  • city: Unterschleissheim
  • postal code: 85716
  • country: DE
  • near non-host countries: Germany