Orange Cyberdefense is a renowned integrator, specializing in networking, security, storage, virtualization and data center infrastructure solutions. Our focus and experience in Managed (Security) Services offer security and continuity.

Orange Cyberdefense’s mission is to offer its customers ‘best of breed’ Infrastructure & Security solutions, and to guide them throughout the entire process, from design over implementation up to support.

Our expertise, passion and personal customer approach result in innovative service, high customer satisfaction, steady growth and acknowledgement from the most renowned vendors in the industry.

In addition to our know-how and unusual pragmatic approach, we are known for rapidly embracing innovative technologies.

Since our inception in 2003 we have become the leading specialist in enterprise data center and network infrastructure and in securing them. Orange Cyberdefense has about 550 employees spread over several locations in Belgium, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

  • phone: +32 3 641 95 95
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  • address: Uilenbaan 80
  • city: Wommelgem
  • state: Antwerp
  • postal code: B-2160
  • country: BE
  • near non-host countries: Belgium