SLTN Inter Access

SLTN is specialized to completely unburden the customers ICT infrastructure. Whether it's about architecture, integration and migration projects, managed services, cloud services, application services and secondment; SLTN Inter Access is your partner in ICT. The SLTN Inter Access services are characterized by Quality, Passion and Innovation. SLTN Inter Access is one of the larger non-listed companies with a yearly turnover of more than EUR 150 million. More than 700 highly educated and experienced employees. Over 1400 national and international customers allocated in primary segments, general business, health care, finance and government, So it is not surprising that SLTN Inter Access has the highest certifications of the world’s leading ICT manufacturers.

  • phone: +31 (0)35 6888400
  • website:
  • address: Colosseum 9
  • city: Hilversum
  • postal code: 1213 NN
  • country: NL
  • near non-host countries: Netherlands