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Accurate biometric identification

Medical errors are the third highest cause of death in the US, with many resulting from patient misidentification at registration. Watch this video to hear about how Memorial Healthcare System ensures patient safety.

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PatientSecure capabilities

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Positive patient identification

Accurately identify patients with touchless authentication workflows

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Ensure identity at all points of care

Identify unresponsive patients or those unable to identify themselves

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Touchless biometric authentication

Retrieve digital health records with guided enrollment on a palm scanner

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Integrate with leading EMPI vendors

One solution for identification and matching with vendors such as Verato

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Broad app network

Wide integration network of ADT, EHR, and EMPI systems

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1:1 records connection

Keep the correct records with the patient throughout their care journey

Caring for patients goes beyond their physical health – it means caring for their digital health and privacy, too. And PatientSecure is just the beginning.

Hear from our customer
Essentially any dollar spent on merging records is wasted because it's really just directed at fixing errors that never should have been made to begin with.
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Imprivata ensures the highest level of security and fast workflows for authorized users. Discover recently released features and future items in our product roadmaps.

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