Orange Cyberdefense is a renowned integrator, specializing in networking, security, storage, virtualization and data center infrastructure solutions. Our focus and experience in Managed (Security) Services offer security and continuity.

Orange Cyberdefense’s mission is to offer its customers ‘best of breed’ Infrastructure & Security solutions, and to guide them throughout the entire process, from design over implementation up to support.

Alphatron Medical Systems B.V.

Leverancier van ICT en medisch technologisch gerelateerde oplossingen voor de zorgsector. Een duurzame en innovatie gedreven onderneming met veel kennis en ervaring op het gebied van zorgprocessen en zorgverleners. Voor Alphatron komt de continue drijfveer voor verbetering uit de dagelijkse routine van zorgverleners. Goede zorg en oog voor detail op gebruikersniveau versnelt de acceptatie van nieuwe technologie en innovatie.

Onze AMiS-Carestation heeft een volledige integratie met Imprivata middels Confirm ID™.

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SLTN Inter Access

SLTN is specialized to completely unburden the customers ICT infrastructure. Whether it's about architecture, integration and migration projects, managed services, cloud services, application services and secondment; SLTN Inter Access is your partner in ICT. The SLTN Inter Access services are characterized by Quality, Passion and Innovation. SLTN Inter Access is one of the larger non-listed companies with a yearly turnover of more than EUR 150 million. More than 700 highly educated and experienced employees.

Login Consultants

Login Consultants is an independent international IT service provider specialized in End User Computing. We help our clients in finding the optimal balance between IT control and end user flexibility. Our goal is an innovative and unique solution, which simplifies future change. Our success with our customers is built on the quality of integration combined with a smart migration approach and the manageability of the solution after deployment.


PQR designs and implements advanced ICT infrastructures and networks. Our focus is on servers, storage, virtualization, application deployment, server based computing, migrations, security and All IP. PQR's highly qualified and certified specialists primarily work for mid-market customers and at divisions of larger organizations in The Netherlands. Our customers are active in all industry sectors with a strong presence in the areas of non-profit, higher education, government (local/central) and healthcare.


Qi ict is a system integrator with 3 offices in The Netherlands, specialized in security, network and storage infrastructure solutions. Qi ict offers and supports a broad range of product lines for midsized and large organizations. Qi ict and Imprivata have a long relationship, which enhances our experience in designing and implementing the Imprivata technology in  new and existing IT infrastructures.

Commit-IT B.V.

Commit-IT provides solutions for healthcare, local government and agriculture. We advise and carry out projects on network infrastructures and the security of company information and networks. Commit-IT implements and maintains security solutions such as firewalls, content and e-mail security, mobile working (SSL VPN and 2-way authentication), anti-SPAM/anti-virus, single sign-on and encryption.

Cam IT Solutions

Vision of Healthcare
‘Soft organic’ care and‘hard mechanical’ ICT are fundamentally different to each other. And at the same time, due to developments such as digitisation, electronic dossiers, information systems, flexible mobile working practices, transmural chains and home automation, the healthcare organisations have become increasingly dependent on (complex) ICT over the past few years.
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