Imprivata 2014 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare Report

Within two years, 84 percent of organizations adopting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) plan to implement single sign-on (SSO) to unlock the full potential of VDI, and the average time savings using SSO to access virtual desktops is 19 minutes per user, per day.  

These are two of the key findings of the Imprivata 2014 Desktop Virtualization Trends in Healthcare report, the company’s fourth-annual study to identify desktop virtualization adoption trends in healthcare. Imprivata surveyed more than 330 respondents from the U.S. healthcare industry to gain deeper insight into the use of VDI, the uptake of lower-cost endpoints such as zero clients and the benefits of deploying SSO to access virtual desktops.

According to the survey, adoption of VDI in healthcare has increased substantially from 35 percent when Imprivata published the inaugural report in 2011 to 52 percent in 2014. For more insights on all of the key findings from this report, fill out the form below.