Are Insider Threats Lurking in Your Financial Organization? How to Identify and Mitigate Risks in Salesforce and Beyond

"The two most common breaches come from either a credential compromise or an actual insider working for your organization."  –Jeffrey DiMuro, Chief Security and Compliance Architect for Financial Service Industry Team, Salesforce

A common thread among the latest cybersecurity studies is the accelerated increase in insider threats for organizations across all verticals. Insiders cause one in three data breaches, and with financial organizations rapidly adopting cloud-based solutions like Salesforce, the risk of the insider threat is more prevalent than ever. Salesforce hosts a vast amount of your organization’s sensitive, mission-critical data, making it the number one target for attacks by privileged users and other organization insiders.

"In the end, it comes back to protecting your asset, which is your data and your confidential customer information. Data is probably more valuable today than the money that sits in the bank itself." –Josh Hofer, Chief Risk and Information Security Officer, Stearns Bank, N.A.

What are you doing to safeguard your Salesforce data from insiders? This webinar, featuring Salesforce’s Chief Security and Compliance Architect of the Financial Service Industry Team, Jeffrey DiMuro, and Stearns Bank N.A.’s Chief Risk and Information Security Officer, Josh Hofer, identifies how financial organizations can mitigate internal risks in Salesforce and beyond. With the knowledge and insights from this webinar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the perpetrators of internal threats
  • Evaluate your organization’s security risk and threat attack surface
  • Develop methods and identify tools for mitigating the risk internal threats pose
  • Understand how to lock down your data, secure your business, enforce compliance, and establish trust