How leading security and privacy executives maximize their time to secure patient data

Healthcare organizations are faced with increasing challenges to protecting patient data while meeting budgetary restraints and competing with tighter deadlines. Hear how the privacy and security teams at Nemours and Kaweah Delta gain time back in their day to focus on future plans while reducing privacy and security risks. With the right tools and resources, these organizations can effectively improve their privacy and security postures.

The healthcare industry faces increasing challenges to secure patient data, and as a result, Privacy and Security teams meet complex workflows. In addition to these robust and time-consuming workflows, healthcare organizations also face:

  • Growing cybersecurity threats
  • Skills Shortage
  • Budgetary Restraints
  • Heavy Regulatory Burden

These challenges all contribute to the fact that security and privacy’s most limited resource is time. And while time is limited, organizations still face pressure to strengthen security and privacy programs with their existing resources. Unfortunately, for many organizations, this results in a reactive workflow, instead of a proactive and strategic approach to securing patient data.

Turning Back the Security Clock

In this webinar, you’ll hear from top security and privacy professionals and how they’re gaining back time to combat the growing threat landscape. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a 40-65% reduction in false positives
  • Implement automated incident response
  • Utilize self-healing monitoring

You’ll also learn how security and privacy executives leverage partnerships, programs, and technology to overcome the challenge of “do more with less.”

About the Industry-Leading Speakers

In this webinar, Kevin Haynes, Chief Privacy Officer of Nemours, discusses how he leverages the Imprivata FairWarning Fifth Generation Platform to save time for more strategic planning and projects and preventative measures.

Kevin also discusses how Nemours leverages Imprivata FairWarning as the primary tool for all access related to investigations regarding patient complaints, PCP modification, security profile monitoring, drug monitoring, and custom VIP monitoring.

Benjamin Cripps, Director of Corporate Compliance and Privacy Officer at Kaweah Delta, explains how Kaweah uses Imprivata FairWarning to monitor for Medical and Identity theft, as well as, meet compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

Also, Kurt Long, Founder/CEO of Imprivata FairWarning discusses the overall threat landscape facing healthcare organizations, including drug diversion fueled by the Opioid Crisis.

Imprivata FairWarning’s Industry Insights

Imprivata FairWarning has over 350 customers representing 1,600 hospitals around the world, monitoring 2.7M employees. As the worldwide leading provider of patient privacy protection, Imprivata FairWarning holds a unique point of view in the marketplace to provide insights on the latest tactics organizations are using to secure patient data.