Designed and purpose-built for healthcare, Imprivata Identity Governance offers secure, role-based provisioning complete with compliance, audit, and risk reporting.

Imprivata Identity Governance is an award-winning solution that, with services, can be up-and running quickly. In fact, Imprivata Identity Governance offers the fastest time-to-value, in no small part thanks to our strategic integrations with leading technology vendors and applications.

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Enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and standardization with Imprivata Identity Governance

Memorial Healthcare System, an 1,900-bed health system located in Hollywood, Florida, is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the U.S. Memorial believes in providing safe, quality, cost-effective, patient- and family-centered care to improve the health of the community it serves.
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Automating provisioning processes with Imprivata Identity Governance

“After implementing Imprivata Identity Governance, what used to take 30 minutes manually is now taking seconds. That has been a big win for us. We are making this totally seamless, totally transparent, and automatic for our physicians and our clinicians.”
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Ensuring secure, role-based access with Imprivata Identity Governance

"With Imprivata Identity Governance in place, we’ve seen huge time savings due to the reduction of manual processes, and we’ve ensured that clinicians receive fast and secure access to applications and systems."
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Total Economic Impact Study

Imprivata Identity and Access Management Solutions

Imprivata commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study examining the potential ROI realized from using Imprivata digital identity management solutions.
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