Optimize your IoT strategy

The demand to connect devices comes with risk

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    Projected number of worldwide connected devices by 2025 [source]

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    IT decision-makers worry BYOD increases security risks [source]

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    Employees who use work devices for personal tasks [source]

Staying connected is now a prerequisite

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought tremendous opportunity for people, devices, and information to be productively interconnected. The challenge is taking full advantage of this interoperability without introducing operational disruption and more risks, including unauthorized use of critical systems and applications.

Close mobile security gaps without interrupting user workflows

Address IoT security challenges with non-disruptive authentication designed for remote access, shared mobile devices, medical devices, EPCS, and other critical workflows. With convenient and compliant authentication methods, you enable highly secure yet invisible access to make your IoT strategy a reality.

In healthcare, staying connected enables better patient care

Interconnected medical devices play a valuable role in the delivery of patient care because they enable data to be captured, aggregated, transmitted, and analyzed in real time. But with these advanced capabilities come new security threats, as each device represents a potential point of exposure.

Imprivata removes IoT risks and roadblocks

Strike the right balance between security and convenience with streamlined, automated authentication and access controls for network-connected devices.
  • Mobile IAM and provisioning

    Enable secure, effortless access to mobile devices and applications with automated provisioning, secure device checkout, and Enterprise Password Autofill

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  • Multifactor authentication

    Centralize identity access and authentication across the entire enterprise, with rapid authentication for EPCS, remote access, cloud applications, medical devices, and other critical workflows

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Maximizing the benefits of IoT connectivity

Ensuring data integrity and network security while maintaining efficient user access is no easy feat. You can strike the right balance by employing automation to streamline authentication and access controls so that users can take full – and secure – advantage of productivity enabled by network-connected devices. 



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