Spot risky, abnormal behavior

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Spot risky, abnormal behavior

Accurately detect, investigate, and prevent major issues before they happen

Insider threats are prevalent — and pricey

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    Frequency of incidents per company has tripled in the past five years [source]

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    Average cost of criminal and malicious insiders, per incident [source]

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    Annualized cost for criminal insiders [source]

People are now the security perimeter

Bad actors outside of your organization pose significant security risks, however insider threats present a unique challenge because they have inner knowledge of your systems and applications. Whether caused by employee negligence or malicious intent, you must be able to spot abnormal behavior quickly to avoid a damaging data breach --and in healthcare, to keep patients safe.

Data science makes activity monitoring easier

It’s nearly impossible to manually identify and investigate impermissible access with more users outside the confines of a traditional perimeter. That’s where the power of artificial intelligence, contextual behavioral analytics, and dedicated expertise become critical. With technology that combines rules and AI, you’re able to detect the full range of bad behavior to reduce risk and make better decisions behind the scenes.

Imprivata makes managing insider threats easier

Manual event monitoring can miss risky behavior, putting organizations at risk and patients in jeopardy. Harness intelligent insights to accurately flag and mitigate anomalous behavior for patient privacy and drug diversion, or to understand the activity occurring in your Salesforce and office productivity applications to reduce risk and simplify compliance.
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    Risk analytics and intelligence

    Accurately detect, investigate, and prevent major issues before they happen with artificial intelligence, contextual behavioral analytics, and dedicated expertise.

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    Managed privacy services

    Eliminate the stress of monitoring and investigating potential privacy violations with certified privacy and security experts that help manage the full lifecycle of an incident.

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Secure your organization from the inside out

Many organizations rely on basic reporting tools and inefficient manual processes to monitor user behavior and uncover questionable activity. Employ the right technologies. Harness the power of AI and machine learning (ML) to improve visibility, automate operations, and eliminate security and compliance gaps.



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