Unlock the potential of your EHR

Remove barriers to access that create frustration and impede patient care

EHR complexity is a plague to your organization

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    Minutes spent in the EHR per patient encounter [source]

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    Clinicians state EHRs “contribute greatly” to burnout [source]

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    Clinicians believe EHRs detracts from clinical effectiveness [source]

Better patient care hinges on easy EHR access

Investments in EHR technology are huge, so ensuring its use is critical. But so is making sure you’re not burning out clinical staff by adding layers of security that introduce inefficiencies. Each extra log-on results in thousands of hours of lost clinician time, making the tools that are supposed to help improve patient care the very tools that inhibit their ability to do so.

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Transform clinician workflows with seamless, DEA-compliant authentication

To deliver safe, effective, and compliant patient care, providers are often required to authenticate clinical transactions. However, constant logging in and re-authentication creates frustration and wastes time that could be better spent with patients. Transform clinician workflows by replacing passwords with transparent, in-process authentication while creating a robust, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever, and however users interact with sensitive data.

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Build security and compliance directly into clinical workflows

Imprivata offers the broadest range of authentication options to provide seamless EHR access. Productized API-level integration makes it easy and convenient to re-authenticate within their existing workflows.
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    Enterprise single sign-on

    Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure, No Click Access™ to patient information from any device, anywhere

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    Multifactor authentication

    Centralize identity access and authentication across the care continuum with rapid authentication for EPCS, remote access, cloud applications, medical devices, and clinical workflows

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    Identity governance

    The only IAM solution for healthcare that delivers precise role-based access to systems and applications with automated user administration and analytics

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