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Imprivata Cortext Support 

This Imprivata Cortext Support Guide sets forth the terms, conditions, and procedures under which maintenance and support ("Support") is offered for Imprivata’s proprietary Cortext Service (the “Service”) during the term of the Customer’s subscription for the Service and as set forth in the applicable Support Order Form. The terms of the Imprivata Cortext Service Agreement between Imprivata and Customer (the “Service Agreement”), including each party’s rights and obligations, shall govern the Support delivered by Imprivata hereunder. Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Service Agreement.


Scope. Support will consist of: (i) telephone support; (ii) correction of errors to keep the Service in conformance with the user documentation included in the Service; and (iii) updated versions of the Service provided by Imprivata to its general customer base of subscribers at no additional charge. Support will not include: (i) set-up, installation, or configuration of hardware and software required for the Customer to access the Service; or (ii) configuration or manipulation of Customer data.

Representatives. The Representatives designated in the Subscription Order Form will be Imprivata’s contacts for communicating with Imprivata concerning Support, or making any other request or providing any notice. Customer may change the Representative upon written notice to Imprivata.


Technical Support. Customer will have access to Imprivata’s technical support personnel ("Technical Support") as follows:

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm EST (excluding US holidays).
Phone: 1-800-935-5958
Web Support:

Communications with Technical Support may be via telephone or e-mail. Imprivata provides a single entry point of contact that routes requests/problems to the appropriate Technical Support.


Technical Support shall prioritize problems/requests according to the severity levels set forth below. Imprivata will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond according to the Response Specifications set forth below with respect to the Severity Level assigned to the problem:

Severity 1 – Critical

The Service suffers an error or issue in a production down situation which cannot be reasonably circumvented and which so substantially impairs the performance of the Service or any components of the Service, which are critical to the Customer’s business, as to effectively render them unusable. Imprivata will acknowledge any such reported error or issue within one (1) hour. Imprivata will work twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week to identify the error and provide an applicable workaround or fix.

Severity 2 – Serious

The Service suffers an error or issue, which cannot be reasonably circumvented, and which substantially impairs the use of one or more portions or features of the Service required by Customer to perform necessary business functions but does not effectively render the Service unusable as a whole. Imprivata will acknowledge any such reported error or issue within four (4) hours and, if Customer is using the Service in production, will work continually within normal business hours to identify the error and provide an applicable workaround or fix.

Severity 3 – Moderate

The Service suffers a low impact error or issue (which is not of Severity 1 or Severity 2) which impairs the use of the features of the Service, but the reported error or issue can be reasonably circumvented. Imprivata will acknowledge any such reported error or issue within eight (8) hours and will work within normal business hours to identify the error and provide an applicable workaround or fix.

Severity 4 – Minor

The Service does not incur an error and allows Customer to function normal business operations; however, Customer inquiries about existing documentation, training, or standard use of the Service. Imprivata will acknowledge any such inquiry within twenty-four (24) hours and will work within normal business hours to address and resolve Customer’s inquiry.

* Response times are measured from the time Customer has spoken with or left a voicemail for a Imprivata Customer support contact or from the time Imprivata receives an email or web submission specifying the nature of the Customer’s problem.


The severity level of the problems reported by Customer shall be reasonably determined by Imprivata. Imprivata will resolve each reported error or issue with the Service by using commercially reasonable efforts to provide: (i) a patch or fix as necessary; or (ii) a reasonable workaround for the error or issue; or, if either (i) or (ii) are not reasonably practicable, a specific action plan regarding how Imprivata intends to address the reported error or issue and an estimate on how long it may take to correct or workaround the error or issue. Customer agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to assist and provide information to Imprivata as required to resolve errors or issues with the Service reported by Customer. In the event Imprivata fails to meet its obligations under this Section, Imprivata will provide a root cause analysis including definition, corrections and process improvement plan. If a permanent repair cannot be made, a temporary resolution (bypass and recovery) will be implemented to the extent possible.


Support covers any issue or problem that is the result of a verifiable, replicable error (Imprivata will use all reasonable means to verify and replicate) in the Service ("Verifiable Imprivata Issue"). An error will be a Verifiable Imprivata Issue if it constitutes a material failure by the Service to function in accordance with the documentation included in the Service. If Technical Support reasonably determines that Customer’s problem is not caused by Imprivata or its systems, equipment, or software, Imprivata is not obligated to provide support under this Agreement. Nevertheless, Imprivata will, if possible, offer suggestions as to how Customer can remedy the problem. If Imprivata determines that the issue was not the result of a Verifiable Imprivata Issue, Imprivata may offer to provide for out of scope professional services at Imprivata’s then current rates upon its standard terms to address the issue.


Technical Support may also determine that Customer’s request is a request for "Additional Support." Additional Support is any assistance not covered above. Examples of Additional Support include substantive questions regarding data or results, requests for Service customization, specialized training regarding use of the Service, custom documentation, and consulting. If Imprivata believes that it can appropriately and effectively provide the requested services, it will offer do so at its then-current rates upon its standard terms.


Only Customer’s designated representatives may initiate all requests for Support. The representatives must be trained, qualified and authorized to communicate all necessary information, perform diagnostic testing under the direction of the Imprivata service representative and be available during the performance of any Support if required.


At the time of Customer’s initial call or e-mail, please prepare to provide:

1. Representative’s name and Customer name;

2. The type of device(s) Customer is using;

3. Telephone number and alternate method of contact (i.e. a pager number or email address);

4. A concise description of Customer’s problem or question;

5. The time the error or problem occurred;

6. The circumstances under which the problem does or does not occur; and

7. Specific error messages, error numbers, log files and program numbers.

For new cases, an Imprivata Customer Support Specialist will use the following process to assist a customer with a new case (problem):

1. Document the supplied information;

2. Document Customer’s questions or issues (symptom and function in which it occurs);

3. Answer Customer’s questions or have Customer run tests to further identify and isolate the problem; and

4. Research the problem and provide resolution according to the aforementioned guidelines.


Imprivata Cortext Services

With Imprivata Cortext, you put the power and convenience of secure communications in your clinicians’ hands. But integrating new technologies in clinical workflows is always a challenge. Competing priorities, stretched IT resources, and care providers’ busy schedules are just some of the factors that can throw a project off track.

Imprivata Support & Professional Services provides your organization with an effective way to meet these challenges and ensure a fast, smooth and effective Imprivata Cortext deployment and customer experience. Professional Services for Imprivata Cortext extends your in-house IT resources with a seasoned team of healthcare IT services professionals dedicated to the success of your Imprivata Cortext project.

Imprivata Cortext Services are available in the following packaged offerings:

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