DTSE: Dedicated Technical Support Engineer Webinar

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Getting to the heart of the matter - Faster

With many of your Imprivata OneSign users focused on patient care, the last thing you want for them is to be distracted by the technology they use to deliver it. 

So for those times when you need to contact Imprivata for help with OneSign, you’ll want to be assured that the Support program you’ve chosen is optimized for your OneSign deployment.

The Dedicated Technical Support Engineer (DTSE) program can give you that assurance through:

  • Direct access to a resource who is dedicated to your organization - a resource who understands your organization, technology environment, and standards.
  • Expert advice, faster troubleshooting, and quicker response to your questions and product issues from a knowledgeable and customer-focused senior-level resource.
  • Early insight into relevant technology plans.
  • Proactive insight into issues that may affect your organization.

To learn more, please join our webinar on “Imprivata DTSE:  Getting to the heart of the matter - faster”.

Imprivata Technical Support is more than just enabling the health of your technology; it’s about empowering you to work effectively in any situation – to deliver and increase user satisfaction with peace of mind.

Session Overview

Learn how we get to know your environment and technology plans during the onsite architecture review and put the knowledge to work to save you time and leave you to focus on what matters to you.

Learn how our personalised service works to proactively make you aware of information relevant to you to prevent issues occurring and reduce the volume of issues.

Learn how the DTSE program gives you access to Product Management and insight into the OneSign technology roadmap. You can help shape future generations of OneSign by sharing your technology plans while learning about Imprivata innovation.

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