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Improve efficiency and drive productivity without compromising security
Traditional access management solutions are a necessary component to a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, but they often create barriers that reduce efficiency and slow down productivity.

Integrated access management solutions that increase efficiency and improve security

Simple, secure user access to any application on any device—including shared workstations and mobile devices—combined with comprehensive analytics and intelligence to boost productivity while reducing cyber risk.
Enterprise Access Management

Enterprise Access Management

Fast, secure, badge-tap access to workstations, virtual desktops, and both legacy and standards-based applications.

Mobile access and control

Mobile Access Management

Enable the security, control, and optimisation of shared devices at scale

Mobile Device Access

Mobile Device Access

Mobile Access and Control that enables secure, real-time access to shared Android devices and apps at scale

Physician ensuring medical access compliance

Access Compliance

Risk analytics for patient records and medication workflows to protect patient privacy

Medical device access management

Medical Device Access Management

Fast, convenient access to connected medical devices

Facial recognition technology

Patient Access

Improve patient safety and experience with Imprivata’s new facial recognition technology

Hear from our customers
From our employees’ perspective, [EAM] is a much-needed benefit. All they have to do is double click and they’re in. So, from a functionality perspective, we’re just so used to it. I mean, it’s expected.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata has allowed us to increase our security by adding multifactor authentication in a simple yet easy, effective, and secure manner. Reducing password fatigue has reduced help desk calls and increased user morale.
Hear from our customers
Everyone hates typing in their username and password. They hunt and peck…and then they have to log in to Epic. All the time-saving features, which are the fundamental core of Imprivata are the biggest wins.
Hear from our customers
We’re able to give nurses a complete sense of ownership of these devices in a secure environment without us having to do any work on the back end. We haven’t lost a single device.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata [Patient Privacy Intelligence] lets us monitor and analyse EHR access at scale. The solution filters out the noise and helps us focus our investigations.
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Secure, flexible mobile workflows

Simple and secure access drives shared mobile device initiatives by bolstering security and ensuring an efficient user experience.

Mobile access management

Reduce burnout and improve care

Eliminating repetitive manual processes enabled CHRISTUS Health to reduce clinical authentication time by 70%, equaling approximately $3.2 million in annual value.

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Driving innovation and interoperability

Imprivata ensures the highest level of security and fast workflows for authorised users. Discover recently released features and future items in our product roadmaps.

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