Doers and makers

Meet the doers and makers

Leaders in product management, engineering, design, and R&D share a common goal: delivering innovative solutions to drive customer value. At Imprivata, these agile teams engage in scoping, designing, and enhancing the products that drive customer success. A combination of clever thinking, technical knowledge, teamwork, and willingness to try something new enables these teams to create solutions that balance security and convenience.

Focused on customer problems

Our product experts spend time studying customer workflows – and in healthcare, that’s key. To improve efficiency at a hospital, for example, they’ve been known to refine designs based on observing the number of keystrokes required of the nursing staff. The product management team, in particular, invests time with our customers to learn about their challenges and to evaluate the viability of our approach. These teams work closely with our Customer Advisory Board, developing secure and efficient solutions.

Pushing tech boundaries

Doers and makers are excited by the array of technologies available to solve customer problems, including mobile devices, biometrics, and cloud software. And because of the unique requirements of the healthcare ecosystem, our product managers, engineers, and R&D leaders frequently consult with our in-house clinical staff to come up with innovative solutions.

After gaining real-world insights, the teams proceed to create innovative products that:

  • Enable streamlined and secure workflows at customer sites
  • Ensure predictable outcomes and increase efficiency
  • Strengthen our position in the marketplace
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50+ patents issued to date