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Improve security and accelerate shared device adoption


Balancing security and user efficiency is critical to the successful adoption of mobility initiatives. Explore the end-to-end mobility solution healthcare organizations rely on to deliver:

  • Zero-effort, automated device provisioning
  • Secure, one-tap access to shared devices
  • Seamless SSO into mobile apps
  • Cloud-managed device imaging
  • Auditable visibility into user interactions
Being in IT, we don’t always get to feel that we’ve made a difference in children’s lives the way that doctors and nurses do. But that’s exactly what has been enabled. We are helping patients feel more optimistic and comfortable by giving them a personalized device to enhance their communication and entertainment options.
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Reduce IT burden and device management

Save time with zero-effort, automated device provisioning, and re-provision when needed without the IT intervention.

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Make security invisible

Eliminate security friction and support personalized device experiences with one-tap device access and SSO to mobile apps.

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Get full visibility with simplified reporting

Record all device access events in a centralized database with out-of-the-box reports for rapid response to audit inquiries.

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Improve security and protect PHI

Lock down and digitally sanitize devices between use to ensure only trusted identities have access to sensitive tools and information.

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Reduce 100 steps to one

Easily create workflows once and deploy anywhere in the world –no coding and minimal expertise needed.

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Enhance your MDM

Improve support of robust management workflows with deep integrations with nearly every MDM provider, for both DEP and non-DEP devices.

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