Clinical Workflows Optimization

Clinical workflows are at the heart of patient care delivery, the tasks, steps, activities and communications that make up clinical workflows are complex. As providers move from paper charts to EMRs  and leverage modern communications tools, clinical workflow is a critical piece to gain EMR adoption and just as important is securing patient information.

If clinical workflows are not considered when rolling out technology or security policies adoption is at risk and care providers become frustrated due to the barriers they repeatedly hit when delivering patient care. 

Imprivata optimizes clinical workflows with fast, secure access to patient information. Care providers have more mobile and flexible ways to communicate and collaborate with one another. Instead of being a source of frustration, technology is a foundation for new, more efficient ways of delivering patient care. 


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Speed EMR & CPOE Adoption

No Click Access to applications and desktops.

Secure Shared Workstations

Improve clinical productivity and workflows.

Multi-Site Communication

Optimize care coordination across ACOs.

e-Prescribing Benefits

When it comes to e-Prescribing, care providers in the U.S. have to conform to two different regulatory bodies: the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and the state board of pharmacy for the state in which they practice. These regulations can introduce barriers such as a second factor authentication to e-Prescribe or place an order.