Biometric identification

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When patients are misidentified, medical errors happen

Medical errors are the third highest cause of death in the US, with nearly 10% leading to serious adverse events. Many, such as radiation overdoses and medication errors, result from patient misidentification at the point of care and at registration.

Benefit from Imprivata PatientSecure®

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The critical connection between patients and their records

The foundation of effective healthcare starts first and foremost with identity. Imprivata PatientSecure keeps the right records with the right patient throughout their health care journey.


Improve patient safety

Replace traditional patient identifiers with accurate biometric identification from intake through all points of care, even if unresponsive.

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Protect against fraud

Prevent overlaid medical records, denied medical claims, and revenue loss with a 1:1 connection between patients and their medical records.

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Optimize the experience

Streamline care delivery and improve important patient satisfaction measures by enabling access to the right care, quickly.

Touchless biometric patient identification

Accurately retrieve digital health records with non-intrusive authentication that’s directly integrated with your ER, ADT, EMPI, and other HIS systems.

Patient experience optimization

Create a positive experience through the care delivery process including self-service check in, registration, and point of care verification.

The feedback from patients has been extremely positive and the compliance rate has been 99%. They love it. They think this is the greatest thing we’ve ever done

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See how Imprivata PatientSecure fits into the digital identity framework

The Imprivata digital identity framework is your guide to a secure and efficient system for managing identities across borderless networks. Address the key requirements for a robust strategy with governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication.


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