Managed Services

Execute with confidence on your more important initiatives

Technology doesn’t work on its own yet budget and headcount constraints have become a crisis for IT and security teams everywhere. Imprivata’s proactive technical experts deliver a full range of cost-effective options to help future-proof investments and optimize resources, so you can focus on mission-critical priorities.

Demand for IT and security expertise is outpacing supply

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    of IT leaders are experiencing resource constraints


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    of healthcare leaders believe inadequate security expertise is putting them at risk


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    cybersecurity workers are needed to meet demand


Your strategic advantage to reduce complexity and navigate change

We go beyond traditional support to act as a supplemental team resource for proactive consultations and technical program planning, hands-on configuration and testing, training, remote administration, and lifecycle management. Our packages align to your specific requirements to ensure you have the support you need, where and when you need it.

Tailored offerings to fit your needs

Enterprise management services

Access a full-scale team of engineers, architects, and managers that are accountable for proactive delivery and ensuring the continuity and resiliency of your Imprivata OneSign® and Imprivata Confirm ID® solutions

Identity governance configuration and management services

Partner with a dedicated team to remotely implement, expand, and manage your Imprivata Identity Governance® solution and accelerate operational efficiency with helpdesk escalation and change management involvement

Mobile management services

Deliver faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert services to remotely configure, deploy, and manage your Imprivata Mobile® solutions

Managed privacy services

Extend your team with compliance and security experts who monitor and investigate end-user access events through expert use of your Imprivata FairWarning® solutions

Drug diversion monitoring services

Extend your team with pharmacy and drug diversion experts who monitor and investigate dispense-administer-waste events for controlled substances for policy violations through expert use of your Imprivata FairWarning® solutions

Privileged access management services

Deliver faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert services to remotely configure and manage your Imprivata Privileged Access Management® solutions

We would not be able to function without [Imprivata Managed Services]. It's an integrated part of our team. [With] the number of alerts that we get, there is no way that one single fulltime employee could manage it. It's just not something I would ever want to be without.

[Imprivata Managed Services] have enabled us to comfortably deploy new technology without impacting the functionality of the Imprivata platform. [The team has] become a strategic partner, helping us optimize our IT resources while maximizing the full potential of our technology investments.

One of the major challenges, especially for regional health systems, is being able to find resources and talent capable of supporting our technology needs. Managed services can certainly help, and I've always been a big proponent of them. So when we saw that Imprivata offered managed services, we were on board!

Imprivata Managed Services offers ready- built, but tailored services for organizations of all shapes and sizes. This assistance was integral for both initial implementation of Imprivata OneSign and its ongoing support, including integrations, upgrades, and migrations.

Imprivata Managed Services helped us right from the beginning with challenges involving upgrades, configuration, setting policies, and integrating the best healthcare industry standards. They’ve been a great partner, and I know we couldn’t have accomplished as much without Imprivata Managed Services support.

It’s great to know that they’re there for us when we need them, advising us on the best course of action[.] We looked to the managed services team to share best practices [...] and we benefited from their [...] expertise, as well as their work with other customers.

[Imprivata Managed Services] is [...] our voice at Imprivata. [They pass] on our needs and requests [...] and lobby on our behalf in order to get them prioritised. Managed services is a great solution for us: a dedicated resource ensuring a high technical quality, enabling us to leverage the best of Imprivata and push for changes that are relevant and important to us.

We entered [December] with no solution in place [and] opted to use the managed services and turn that around functionally in three weeks. [One] thing I will say is that [...] partnering with Imprivata, it was really a very positive experience.

I can’t monitor the number of discrepancies that are happening every day to ensure that nothing is missing so the [Imprivata Managed Services] analyst and team does that for us. The trend has been that there are fewer and fewer discrepancies. As for unresolved discrepancies, we’re below 5%, which we’ve never been before. For an organization our size, that unbelievable.

Every year, we've been through a different employee and what we discovered was we needed some continuity, and especially for someone that was specialized. It just made sense for us to use [Imprivata] services. It's worked really well for us because it's revealed some things even in our configuration settings that we needed to revisit and simplify. And so, I'm definitely an advocate of it.

Excellent customer service! Great response time to issues and questions. Staff is very pleasant to work with.

Personalized tools for long term success

Imprivata advisory services

Increase user adoption and ROI with advisory services that become a strategic partner to your organization. Our team will:

  • Deliver a personalized approach to ensure long-term success with Imprivata solutions
  • Proactively identify opportunities to maximize value and mitigate risks to success
  • Act as your central point of contact that understands your specific business needs to advocate on your behalf and drive cross-functional collaboration

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