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Trust and Security Page for Imprivata.com


Imprivata understands the importance of data security to your organization. Imprivata incorporates security by design as a core principle across products, implementation and operations to safeguard customer data in accordance with the robust requirements for health care. Our security practices are designed to support essential standards and regulations such as NIST, HIPAA, HITECH.

Imprivata has instituted multiple layers of security that complement one another to secure client, server, data, and secure transmission of all user information. Our products implement encryption at rest and in transit.

Imprivata understands that security is not a static discipline. Our dedicated response team continuously assesses new vulnerabilities.

Imprivata enables customers to stay in control of their data with a comprehensive range of technical controls, procedures and privacy features across our products.

Imprivata takes the privacy of our customers data as an essential principle. We ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability across product use and lifecycle in the cloud and on-premises. Imprivata protects customer data throughout our business processes including support with robust role based controls that limit access based on need and its intended use.

Imprivata’s security and privacy measures are designed to support the stringent requirements for health care and to help customers be compliant with essential health and privacy standards. Imprivata employees, processes, and operations adhere to required standards and regulations (e.g. HIPAA and data protection and privacy training, SOC 2 attestation).

To adhere to the significant data privacy requirements of health, Imprivata remains committed to current and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR and CCPA.

SOC 2 Type 2
Privacy Shield
FIPS 140-2


Imprivata is committed to deliver highly available products and services that our customers trust for their mission critical systems. Systems status is always available at status.imprivata.com.