Customer Privileged Access Management

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Simplify customer access management without compromising security

Leverage secure remote support technology to make audited, enterprise-grade connections to your customers.

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Customer Privileged Access Management capabilities

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Comprehensive anytime access

Support broad connectivity requirements and access workflows

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Credential management

Eliminate the need to know and manage customer credentials

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Session recording

Monitor all rep activity with detailed audit logs and videos

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Streamlined access

A single customer access management platform to access all customers, including Nexus connections

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Customer access controls

Give customers visibility and control over access

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Least-privilege access

Ensure reps only have access to what they need and nothing more

Hear from our customers
Easy to install, easy to use. Top notch security compliance. Security is not something to mess with. From a compliance point of view, it covers all your requirements, but it is still user friendly. You don't need to be an IT expert to run the Gatekeeper. It keeps track of who's on and doing what.
Hear from our customers
Access you need with controls clients need. [Imprivata] works on multiple platforms, with multiple protocols and allows us to access our clients systems but gives the client the control they need and the ability to run reports on our access.
Hear from our customers
When there’s an issue with one of our clients, there’s no time to lose. Support must be crisp, expert, and immediate.
Hear from our customers
The ability for our support reps to locally run our third-party application that is located on the customers’ networks was a major success for us. We are also taking full advantage of the auditing capabilities that come with [Imprivata].
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Introduction to Customer Privileged Access Management

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