The continued importance of patient identification during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic is placing an enormous burden and stress on our entire healthcare system -- from strained ICU
New independent research reveals significant time and cost savings with single sign-on
As an emergency physician, I’ve been deeply impressed by the medical community’s response to the crisis conditions imposed by t
Privacy and Patient Identification: Do the risks outweigh the benefits?
Recently, Imprivata was pleased to have the opportunity to present at 
Reflections from the UK Digital Health Summer School 2020
An event like no other!
Get digital identity right with the Imprivata Digital Identity Framework for Healthcare
This post was
Exploring the value of time in clinical settings today
Clinicians are focused on delivering quality patient care.
Leading Academic Study Shows the Value of Imprivata OneSign to Hospitalists
A recent study released in the Journal of Hospital Administration (JHA) – titled “Easing hospitalist electronic health
The case for more Mobile in Healthcare
COVID-19 has changed the game – somewhat
In the COVID-19 battle, did we leave our best players on the bench?
When it comes to battling COVID-19, did we leave our best players on the bench?
Are you getting the most from your IT investments?
Study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows customers receive a 336% ROI with Imprivata digital identity solutions
COVID Crisis: How Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters responded
How are healthcare organizations dealing with the effects of COVID-19?
Imprivata PatientSecure  today: assessing risks vs. benefits
As a  practicing  emergency  physician  and  the Chief Medical Officer at  Imprivata, I  know that  the last eight weeks have been challenging  for all of us
Digital identity with Imprivata and Microsoft: Q&A with Wes Wright and Randy Nale
Recently, we announced the next phase of our digital identity collaboration with Microsoft: Imprivata Identity Governance hosted in Microsoft Azure, and Impr
Dang, wish I’d have had a good automated IGA system…
I’ve worked in almost more places than I can remember and, believe it or not, I’ve never had an automated Identity Governance Administration (IGA) system.
Let healthcare information technology help – we have a lot to offer
In most COVID-19 news coverage, national and state leaders talk about solutions to address this ongoing crisis.
7 best practices for supporting telehealth, virtual care, and remote visitation amid COVID-19
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations were already implementing shared mobile devices in
How can hospitals do remote access securely?
When COVID-19 broke out in earnest, hospitals and other employers told everybody to go home and work remotely. I’m doing the WFH drill right now.
Tips I learned running IT for the U.S. Air Force during 9/11
COVID-19 is, simply put, a generational event.
GroundControl for patient iPads
An increasing number of hospitals are finding value providing iPads for inpatient use.
Imprivata GroundControl: Facilitating increased demand for telehealth and virtual care, on-site
Telehealth lets hospitals limit physical provider contact with COVID-19 patients, while still allowing for high quality virtual care – a critical element in