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Clinicians are focused on delivering quality patient care.
Leading Academic Study Shows the Value of Imprivata OneSign to Hospitalists
A recent study released in the Journal of Hospital Administration (JHA) – titled “Easing hospitalist electronic health
The case for more Mobile in Healthcare
COVID-19 has changed the game – somewhat
In the COVID-19 battle, did we leave our best players on the bench?
When it comes to battling COVID-19, did we leave our best players on the bench?
Are you getting the most from your IT investments?
Study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows customers receive a 336% ROI with Imprivata digital identity solutions
COVID Crisis: How Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters responded
How are healthcare organizations dealing with the effects of COVID-19?
Imprivata PatientSecure  today: assessing risks vs. benefits
As a  practicing  emergency  physician  and  the Chief Medical Officer at  Imprivata, I  know that  the last eight weeks have been challenging  for all of us
Digital identity with Imprivata and Microsoft: Q&A with Wes Wright and Randy Nale
Recently, we announced the next phase of our digital identity collaboration with Microsoft: Imprivata Identity Governance hosted in Microsoft Azure, and Impr
Dang, wish I’d have had a good automated IGA system…
I’ve worked in almost more places than I can remember and, believe it or not, I’ve never had an automated Identity Governance Administration (IGA) system.
Let healthcare information technology help – we have a lot to offer
In most COVID-19 news coverage, national and state leaders talk about solutions to address this ongoing crisis.
7 best practices for supporting telehealth, virtual care, and remote visitation amid COVID-19
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations were already implementing shared mobile devices in
How can hospitals do remote access securely?
When COVID-19 broke out in earnest, hospitals and other employers told everybody to go home and work remotely. I’m doing the WFH drill right now.
Tips I learned running IT for the U.S. Air Force during 9/11
COVID-19 is, simply put, a generational event.
GroundControl for patient iPads
An increasing number of hospitals are finding value providing iPads for inpatient use.
Imprivata GroundControl: Facilitating increased demand for telehealth and virtual care, on-site
Telehealth lets hospitals limit physical provider contact with COVID-19 patients, while still allowing for high quality virtual care – a critical element in
Image for GroundControl news
Imprivata GroundControl: Enabling secure virtual visits during hospital lockdowns
In an effort to reduce COVID-19 infections, hospitals are implementing strict visitation policies preventing any family members, friends, or other loved ones
Healthcare IT companies offering assistance to customers on the front lines of COVID-19
As healthcare providers continue to work around the clock to treat the influx of patients impacted by COVID-19, healthcare IT vendors are doing their part to
‘Pushing the Boundaries’ to Deliver Care Also Stretches Cybersecurity
A crisis often brings out the best of the best.
Positive patient identification in the time of COVID-19
As the volume of patients seeking medical attention increases during these challenging times, correct patient data is more important than ever.
Provider systems face a new crisis from COVID-19: Staffing
Staffing has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges for provider systems dealing with the global COVID-1