Protect critical data and applications without user disruption

Financial organizations are under pressure

Financial organizations continue to be highly-targeted despite heavy investments in cybersecurity. With threats from both third-parties and insiders, these institutions are fighting a war on two fronts while trying to maintain complex regulatory standards. This challenge can’t be solved with traditional security methods.

Perimeter security is no longer enough

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    of FinServ organizations have experienced a third-party data breach in the past 12 months


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    of FinServ organizations do not enforce the use of complex passwords


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    of FinServ breaches involve compromised credentials


Digital identity is the control plane that must be managed and secured

Your financial institution holds rich sources of data in various locations and applications that must be made available to more users from a growing number of devices. That’s a tall order –one that only digital identity can solve.

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The State of Cybersecurity and Third-Party Remote Access Risk 

Simplify secure access to the right data, for the right reasons

Strike the optimal balance between access, security, and compliance with proven digital identity solutions for financial organizations

Enterprise single sign-on

Deliver a frictionless user experience with secure No Click Access® to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere. Imprivata OneSign® simplifies access control with centralized policy management across your entire financial organization and seamless access to Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops.

Multifactor authentication

Verify all identities without disrupting user workflows with instant authentication for remote network connections, connected devices, cloud applications, and Windows servers and desktops. Imprivata Confirm ID™ makes security invisible to end users with innovative authentication methods and seamless gateways from Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware, among others.

Privileged access management

Minimize the risk of data breaches associated with compromised privileged credentials and meet wide-ranging regulatory compliance requirements. Imprivata Privileged Access Management secures your most sensitive accounts in minutes, and an enterprise password vault enables you to securely store and share credentials without disclosing them to internal, external, or remote resources.

Vendor privileged access management 

Control and secure third-party access to critical assets with SecureLink Enterprise Access. Easily manage identities with vendor self-registration and assign access policies based on the principle of least privilege. Granular controls like credential vaulting and injection ensure third parties never have visibility to network credentials while still providing seamless access to the critical applications they need. 

Mobile device access and provisioning 

Enable secure, effortless access to mobile devices and applications with Imprivata Mobile Device Access. Establish the optimal balance of security and user efficiency and auto-provision at scale with Imprivata GroundControl.

User behavioral monitoring  

Automate risk analytics and intelligence for cloud applications to accurately detect threats in your most critical systems. Imprivata FairWarning incorporates AI/ML to help you quickly understand user activity in CRM and office productivity applications to prevent threats from becoming major issues.

With Imprivata OneSign, our data is secure. We can audit and report on all access, and passwords are no longer a burden for our users. In fact, our employees tell us that Imprivata OneSign is one of the best solutions IT has ever implemented. To date, we have reduced calls to the help desk by 25 percent for a savings of $7,200 per year.

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Get to zero trust while supporting your existing environment 

Implementing Zero Trust requires an identity-centric strategy that can be daunting for organizations with decentralized, mixed ecosystems. Understand the capabilities you need with the Imprivata digital identity framework. 

The Imprivata difference

We’re redefining how financial institutions protect and connect every identity at every access point, for compliance across all systems. 



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