Get to Zero Trust while supporting your existing environment

Securing digital identities can be daunting for those with legacy and cloud applications, systems, and devices. Our extensive APIs, resources, certification, training, and support help you get to Zero Trust without overhauling your existing complex ecosystem.

Seamless integrations with leading EHRs

Optimize new and existing EHR workflows


More than half of today’s health systems using Epic rely on Imprivata for seamless integration into native Epic workflows


Automate authentication workflows with location-based context and provide secure, No Click Access™ to devices and applications

A partner with leading VDI vendors

Remove barriers to digital transformation


Embrace digital transformation with identity and access management solutions that work on both modern and traditional endpoints, and can connect on-prem and cloud through the extended hybrid state that many organizations experience


Streamline access to ‘follow-me’ desktops with secure, No Click Access™ to virtual desktops and a password-less experience to all applications

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Mobility and communication

Orchestrate and enhance your mobility systems and hardware with cloud-based access and device lifecycle management.

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Remote access

Keep data safe while streamlining access to remote network connections, cloud applications, and Windows servers and desktops.

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Clinical access and patient identification

Enable easy re-authentication within existing workflows with productized API-level integration with leading EHRs and other clinical applications.

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Each device represents a potential point of exposure. Secure PHI without the hassle of typing in passwords with convenient, secure multifactor authentication for interconnected medical devices.

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Imprivata partner programs

Get started with Imprivata partner programs, with access to APIs, resources, certification, and training.
  • Imprivata developer program

    Easily expand capabilities by seamlessly integrating strong authentication into any application or physical device through the Imprivata OneSign ProveID API family.

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  • Imprivata reseller program

    Operate more efficiently, boost security, retain top talent, and maintain regulatory compliance by becoming an authorized Imprivata reseller.

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