Imprivata for healthcare

Security and workflow efficiency are patient safety issues

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    Consecutive years healthcare had the highest cost of a data breach [source]

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    HDOs that report higher mortality rates from ransomware [source]

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    Minutes of lost clinician time, per shift, from inefficient access management [source]

Your digital identity strategy is the solution

In an age in which immediacy is expected, medical professionals need secure access to on-premises and cloud applications in more places at more times, but security breaches have proven that there are vulnerabilities in the current system. Trusted digital identities are the key to protecting PHI while ensuring quick and proper clinician access.

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Security + efficiency

The Imprivata digital identity platform

Imprivata solves healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges with interoperable solutions built with clinicians to work for clinicians.

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Enable secure, day-one access

Identity governance

Automate identity management and enforce day-one entitlements with precise, role-based access controls

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Make security invisible

Multifactor authentication

Enforce stricter, non-disruptive security for EPCS, remote access, cloud applications, IoMT, and other workflows

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Eliminate security friction

Enterprise single sign-on

Enable No Click Access™ to on-premises and cloud applications from any device, anywhere

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Secure privileged accounts

Privileged access

Secure your most sensitive accounts and implement zero trust practices with a robust PAM and VPAM platform

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Create better patient experiences

Positive patient identification

Enable safer, faster visits with touchless biometric identification

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Enable the mobile journey

Mobile IAM and provisioning

Deliver secure access to mobile devices and applications without disrupting workflows, compromising IT systems, or exposing PHI

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Spot risky, abnormal behavior

Risk analytics and intelligence

Harness the power of AI to protect patient privacy and prevent drug diversion

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Securely communicate PHI

Secure healthcare communications

Enable HIPAA-compliant messaging across the entire care continuum

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You can’t wait for a holistic digital identity strategy

The Imprivata digital identity framework outlines a cohesive approach to managing identities across healthcare’s borderless networks. Address the key requirements for a robust strategy with governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication.

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The Imprivata difference

We’re redefining the security experience with a digital identity platform built with, and vetted by, practicing clinicians to make patient care easier. By removing barriers to access and authentication across the care continuum, our solutions uniquely protect critical data and applications while liberating clinicians from keyboard to care.

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How mature is your digital identity strategy?

Managing digital identities is imperative for today’s complex, high-risk, and regulated healthcare environments. Quickly assess the effectiveness of your current strategy and get custom insights to improve your security posture.

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