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Liberate clinicians from keyboard to care

Medical professionals can’t wait for secure access to the applications they need to provide patient care, yet healthcare organizations must protect PHI from internal, external, and third-party threats. Managing and controlling the digital identity is the only way to keep data and applications secure while ensuring quick and proper clinician access.

Security and workflow efficiency are patient safety issues

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    of hacking-related breaches use stolen and/or weak passwords


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    times per day clinicians log into workstations and applications


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    hours of lost clinician time per week, per facility, from inefficient access management


Remove barriers to care delivery

Transform clinical workflows by replacing passwords with non-disruptive, in-process authentication that creates a robust, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever, and however users interact with sensitive data.

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Enabling healthcare, securely

From the frontlines

Medical experts weigh in on the role of technology in clinical workflows


Digital identity in healthcare

Efficient clinical access improves productivity and care quality


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Your solutions need to be clinically significant

At Imprivata, we walk the walk and talk the talk. Our world-class clinical team – complete with practicing doctors, nurses, and pharmacists – is here to support you along your digital identity journey. From discovery and clinical walkthroughs to implementation and beyond, the Imprivata clinical team ensures that your solutions work as intended, with clinical workflows at their core.

Your identity-centric Zero Trust strategy starts here

Implementing Zero Trust requires an identity-centric strategy that can be daunting for organizations with decentralized, mixed ecosystems. Understand the capabilities you need with the Imprivata digital identity framework.

How mature is your digital identity strategy?

Managing digital identities is imperative for today’s complex, high-risk, and regulated healthcare environments. Assess the effectiveness or your current strategy and get custom insights to improve your security posture.



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