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Digital identity is much more than “tap-and-go.” It’s the catalyst for an optimized healthcare organization.

Reimagine what digital identity can do
Deliver a streamlined clinical experience, secure critical infrastructure, and proactively protect PHI and other sensitive data to comply with regulatory requirements.

The digital identity company for healthcare

Optimize your EHR
Minimize clicks and keystrokes across all EHR apps and workflows
Unlock the power of mobile
Enable fast, secure mobile workflows and provide care from anywhere
Improve workflow efficiency
Put technology to work for clinicians, not against them
Protect patient privacy
Safeguard PHI at every step along the care continuum
Streamline regulatory compliance
Simplify audit recordkeeping and reporting
Automate identity management
Simplify the process of granting, revoking, and monitoring access
Hear from our customers
Imprivata solutions…improve IT productivity, freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks…improve security & compliance…eliminating credential sharing…saved 76,000 hours by Penn State Health.
Hear from our customers
In the UK with NHS, Imprivata is the market leader, and I can't think of any other security vendor that has a solution that's so designed around healthcare.
Hear from our customers
Our CEO is really big on optimization and looks for ways to make what we’re doing even better and more efficient. The new workflow is so efficient, a respiratory therapist said, “it cuts his time in half.
Hear from our customers
From a user identification, it is Imprivata; from a patient identification, it's Imprivata.  And we find it the best-in-class in those areas.  And that's why we're using it.
Hear from our customers
When we talk about Imprivata, it's with a smile on our face…it's easy to get in…onboarded correctly…they have the right access. They have earned trust…used house-wide without any issues. They're really pretty bulletproof…
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The power of digital identity in healthcare

The role of technology in clinical workflows
Imprivata vision: Hospital of the future
Why Digital Identity Matters in Healthcare

Clinical efficiency: It’s about time

For healthcare organizations, the benefits of new technology in the clinical setting are best measured in the context of one key question: do the benefits help clinicians deliver patient care more efficiently, without wasted time? If the answer’s not yet, it’s time to change that.

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Seattle Children’s Hospital strengthens its identity security

Seattle Children’s partners with Imprivata for seamless access to the EHR, e-prescribing applications, and more – all from any device.

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Protecting patient privacy is everyone’s job

A patient’s health goes beyond the physical and mental – their digital health needs to be protected, too. When it comes to healthcare data privacy and security, protecting patient privacy needs to be on everyone’s radar.

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Assess your digital identity strategy

Achieving the optimal balance of efficiency, security, and compliance requires an effective digital identity strategy. Quickly assess the maturity of your current program and get actionable guidance to build a comprehensive plan.

Assess your strategy