Imprivata Digital Identity Maturity Assessment

Digital identity is the backbone of an effective security strategy

Healthcare delivery organizations have evolved into highly complex, decentralized environments with many users and roles, locations, connected devices, and cloud and on-premises apps. In this new ecosystem, the once well-defined network perimeter no longer exists.

Quickly assess the effectiveness of your current strategy across:

  • Governance and administration
  • Identity management
  • Authorization
  • Authentication and access 

Then, receive a custom report that captures your organization’s maturity level, with insights to assist in reaching the goal of full digital identity maturity, and therefore heightened security.

The levels of maturity

  • Icon of a sprout
    Level 1: Sprout

    The sprout stage starts the growth process; you’re introducing needed tools and processes to strengthen your security posture. Map progress to the Imprivata digital identity framework.

  • icon of a seedling
    Level 2: Seedling

    At the seedling stage, you’re developing a promising digital identity strategy. Learn what areas to cultivate to increase security and efficiencies for your clinicians and staff.

  • icon of a sapling
    Level 3: Sapling

    In nature, saplings begin to become well-rooted. You’re nurturing a healthy digital identity strategy that has room to grow. Continue to refresh your plan to reflect future priorities.

  • icon of a mature tree
    Level 4: Mature

    With a mature digital identity strategy, you can enjoy your security landscape. Leverage the Imprivata digital identity framework as a blueprint for continuing growth and success.

What's next?

Ensuring only the right individuals are accessing the right data for the right reasons is paramount to preventing breaches and protecting privacy. Whether you need help getting started or understanding what step to take next, Imprivata can help.

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