Identity governance

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Manual identity management is a risk to your organization

Securing and controlling access to enterprise data and protected health information is one of the most critical issues facing organizations today. Relying on manual user lifecycle management is time consuming and fraught with risk.

Benefit from Imprivata Identity Governance™

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Radically improve security and take back your time

Imprivata Identity Governance is purpose-built to automate the entire user lifecycle, streamline auditing processes, and deliver on-demand analytics for faster threat evaluation and remediation.

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Reduce IT costs

Easily manage identity roles and entitlements across all systems without manually administering user accounts. Free up time with self-service portals.

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Enable day-one access

Remove end-user barriers with precision-level, timely access to legacy and modern systems and applications –both on-prem and in the cloud.

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Bolster data security

Streamline auditing and analytics processes and get full visibility into user behavior by combining rights and usage data in a single analysis report.

Secure, role-based provisioning

Replace manual processes with automation to efficiently manage identity roles and entitlements over the complete user lifecycle.

Compliance, audit, and risk reporting

Establish granular control and support governance with ease. Gain full visibility with a GRC dashboard to see and remediate risk in seconds.

After implementing Imprivata Identity Governance, what used to take 30 minutes manually is now taking seconds. We are making this totally seamless, totally transparent, and automatic for our physicians and clinicians.

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Imprivata Identity Governance overview

Identity governance configuration and management services

Partner with a dedicated team to remotely implement, expand, and manage your Imprivata Identity Governance® solution and accelerate operational efficiency with helpdesk escalation and change management involvement

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See how Imprivata Identity Governance fits into the digital identity framework

The Imprivata digital identity framework is your guide to a secure and efficient system for managing identities across borderless networks. Address the key requirements for a robust strategy with governance and administration, identity management, authorization, and access and authentication.


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