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Manual identification processes aren’t cutting it

Traditional patient ID processes often result in misidentification, leading to errors. And the consequences can be catastrophic.

Luckily, there’s a better way. Imprivata Patient Access, built on the Imprivata Cloud Platform, uses facial recognition to help significantly increase identification accuracy, reducing the risk of errors and related costs.

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Traditional patient identification methods leave hospitals, and patients, at risk.

  • 10%

    average misidentification rate at hospitals, often leading to medical errors

  • #3

    leading cause of death in the US is medical errors

  • $17M

    average annual insurance claim denials from misidentification per hospital

Patient Access (PA) capabilities

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Positive patient identification

Accurately identify patients with touchless authentication workflows

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Touchless biometric authentication

Retrieve digital health records with a simple face photo

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Seamless EHR Integration

Deeply integrated with leading EHR, enhances workflows

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Privacy by design

Keep biometric data as private as the patient’s health record

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1:1 records connection

Keep the correct records with the patient throughout their care journey

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Accommodation of Physical Attributes

Check ins work with medical masks, hats, and glasses

Caring for patients goes beyond their physical health – it also means caring for their digital health and privacy.

Facial Recognition for Patient ID

Discover this recorded webinar session where we address the challenges of patient misidentification and how Imprivata's transformative facial recognition solution tackles these challenges head-on. Learn how Patient Access enhances patient safety, cuts costs, and elevates the patient experience. Step into the future of healthcare with us today!

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Driving innovation and interoperability

Imprivata ensures the highest level of security and fast workflows for authorized users. Discover recently released features and future items in our product roadmaps.

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