Our culture

Work isn’t just about earning a paycheck. Spending time with the same people each day should be an enjoyable and meaningful experience. We’re building a global community that is united by our commitment to our customers, company values, and philanthropic outlook with a sense of community spirit.

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Customers for life

At Imprivata our goal is to deliver a signature experience, based on providing value through positive outcomes, that ensures we create customers for life.

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Courage of your convictions

We want employees to have a voice and step outside of their comfort zone to challenge the norm, change the game, and make their mark.

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We strive to do right by our employees and our customers. We hold ourselves to high standards and treat each other with respect.

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The passion that our employees bring to work every day creates an undeniable energy that drives us to transform the healthcare industry.

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High performing teams

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It just feels like a big community where everyone has the same goal in mind and supports each other. Regardless of your position, you are important, and people listen to what you have to say.

Image of an employee being handed food from a food truck window

Making something cool is easy. Making something cool that people pay money for? A whole lot harder. Making something cool that people make money for that makes a difference in the world? That's the trifecta, that's the thing you shoot for, and that's what Imprivata has.

Walking the walk

Around here, we act on our passions. Whether the goal is helping others or having fun (or some combination of the two), our team members find creative ways to make a difference.

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Coming together through community and coffee, of course

We believe that being dedicated to our team members and our customers is the foundation of what makes Imprivata a community of doers. Whether it’s virtual or in-person, we thrive when we come together… and it doesn’t hurt to have great coffee too.

Conquering obstacles, together

Through challenges come triumph and our team members proved that with our virtual 5k, one of many wellness initiatives implemented here at Imprivata. We had over 215 submissions from 33 participants covering an impressive 989 miles in just 25 days – Talk about perseverance!

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Finding our common beat

Musically-inclined team members rehearse and perform together in relaxed, warm-weather jam sessions (in Massachusetts, that’s usually summer and fall!). The result: a harmonic blend of sunshine, talent, and feasting.

Solving challenges with creativity and collaboration

Our semi-annual, 24-hour hackathons bring innovation to life, engaging our engineering and products teams with their colleagues in marketing and sales, plus offshore partners and interns. 

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