Photo of some of Leadership at Hackathon


One mission, many experts

To ensure the success of our customers, our collaborative teams work with leaders of diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.


Gus Malezis

Chief Executive Officer

Gus is the CEO at Imprivata. He’s also our resident tinkerer – especially when cars are involved.

Image of Joel Burleson-Davis

Joel Burleson-Davis

SVP Worldwide Engineering, Cyber

Joel Burleson-Davis is the SVP of Worldwide Engineering, Cyber at Imprivata. Our resident bread enthusiast, you can often finding baking everything from babka to Detroit-style pizza.


Jim Carr

Chief Financial Officer

Jim is the Chief Financial Officer at Imprivata. A competitive triathlete, he suggests you stay hydrated and move fast if you want to catch him outside the office.


Tony Lenox

Chief Customer Officer

Tony is the Chief Customer Officer at Imprivata. If he’s out of the office, he’s probably giving his skis a workout.


Mark McArdle

Chief Products and Design Officer

Mark is the Chief Products and Design Officer at Imprivata. When he’s not at work, he can often be found at a race track trying to complete the perfect lap.


Kelliann McCabe

Chief People Officer

Kelliann is the Chief People Officer at Imprivata. If she’s not at work, she’s probably on the go, because she loves traveling.


Rachel McClary

Chief Marketing Officer

Rachel is the Chief Marketing Officer at Imprivata. Outside of the office, you’ll find her reading or cheering on her daughters’ soccer teams!


Jack Sebbag

Chief Revenue Officer

Jack is the Chief Revenue Officer at Imprivata. When he’s not at work, you can find him – but do not interrupt him – watching sports.

Tom Timperio, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Engineering at Imprivata

Tom Timperio

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Engineering

Tom is the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Engineering at Imprivata. When not leading global engineering, he may be found working on Z-scale model trains with his sons.


Wes Wright

Chief Technology Officer

Wes is the Chief Technology Officer at Imprivata. He has an uncanny ability to feel at home anywhere.