ROI Imprivata Onesign

ROI for single sign-on

How many clinicians do you have on staff?


Average number of 12-hour shifts per week for a clinician?


Times per shift a clinician logs in to a workstation?


Number of apps clinicians log into with each session?


Total hours saved per week


Total hours saved per year


Delivering fast, secure access to virtual desktops

"We estimate that our virtualized desktop environment support by [Enterprise Access Management with SSO] saves us more than $2.3 million annually."

Clinician with laptop

The true ROI of VDI and SSO

“By implementing SSO and VDI, CHRISTUS saved over 1400 clinical hours and $92,000 per year, per facility, with a total of 26,301 hours and $2.3 million in projected savings per year, once all facilities are deployed.”

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