ROI Imprivata Onesign

ROI for single sign-on

How many clinicians do you have on staff?


Average number of 12-hour shifts per week for a clinician?


Times per shift a clinician logs in to a workstation?


Number of apps clinicians log into with each session?


Total hours saved per week


Total hours saved per year


Delivering fast, secure access to virtual desktops

"Imprivata has been the single most important project for the clinical team. For those delivering care this has been a leap in both clinical safety and efficiency that, in their words, they ‘dreamed of.'"

Clinician with laptop

The true ROI of VDI and SSO

With Imprivata, doctors and nurses get almost instant access to electronic records, so they can stay focused on patient care. Once we introduced Imprivata OneSign, the word spread quickly, and staff were coming to us asking to sign up. The product is so easy to use, we’ve extended it to non-clinical applications as well.

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