Strengthen NIS2 compliance

Protect yourself – and stay compliant – with an identity access management strategy
The NIS2 Directive protects the EU’s critical infrastructure from the ever-increasing number of cyber threats

What the NIS2 Directive means for EU organisations

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Oversee third-party and vendor access

Decreases the likelihood of a vendor-induced data breach.

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Enable single sign-on access

With multifactor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) badge tap access, users will not be tripped up by complex passwords.

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Automate provisioning

Grant the appropriate level of role-based access that changes when a user moves within the organisation or leaves.

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Implement multifactor authentication for remote users

Use remote connections to audit access and authenticate users.

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Maintain a close watch over privileged accounts

Control accounts with administrative access to your systems and data.

Identity and access management: A critical aspect of NIS2 compliance

In this white paper, we discuss the role your identity access management (IAM) strategy can play in complying with the NIS2 Directive.

Access and identity management

Imprivata provides a streamlined platform that helps EU organisations meet NIS2 requirements

Implement a strong digital identity management strategy that complies with NIS2, helps you avoid costly fines, and ensures users have secure, efficient access.