Privileged Access Management

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A simpler, more effective solution with Privileged Access Management

Prove compliance and prevent inappropriate access with a powerful yet easily deployable, agentless solution that fits your current infrastructure.

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Privileged Access Management capabilities

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Secure privileged accounts

Discover and lock down accounts with least privilege access

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Privileged password management

Automatically secure, discover, and rotate privileged credentials

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Monitor session activity

Record, control, and audit privileged sessions in real time

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Demonstrate compliance

Prove compliance with detailed audit and documentation of controls

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Verify privileged identities

Ensure authorized access with enforced MFA

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A modern architecture

Easily deployed, agentless solution that fits current infrastructure

Imprivata Privileged Access Management proves that security can be an enabler. Before we implemented it, it was difficult to grant access to various users to different systems, but now we can log in to Imprivata Privileged Access Management with multi-factor authentication, and we can grant users rights to whatever systems their job function dictates.
Just like the financial industry, the medical industry has a lot of regulation and personal information that they need to keep secure. Imprivata, in my mind, was clearly built to be used not just in a medical facility but used anywhere.
When we talk about Imprivata, it's with a smile on our face…it's easy to get in…onboarded correctly…they have the right access. They have earned trust…used house-wide without any issues. They're really pretty bulletproof…
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How Privileged Access Management works

Overview Privileged Access Management
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Overview Security Access Solutions

Privileged access management services

Deliver faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert services to remotely configure and manage your Privileged Access Management solutions.

Access management

Driving innovation and interoperability

Imprivata ensures the highest level of security and fast workflows for authorized users. Discover recently released features and future items in our product roadmaps.

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