Mobile Device Access

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Deliver effortless mobile access and authentication

A successful enterprise mobile security strategy hinges on usability and efficiency. Strike the right balance of security and usability with the only mobile authentication solution that enables fast user switching and SSO for shared Android devices and apps.

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Mobile Device Access capabilities

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Fast user switching

Enable usability with proximity-based access to devices and SSO to apps

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Secure exchange between users

Lock down devices between use and remove credentials at handoff

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Auditable visibility

Audit logs bring visibility into user interactions

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Workflow consistency

Extend identity-driven access and authentication to mobile workflows

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Secure shared devices

Improve security by enforcing authentication at the device and app level

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Integration with OneSign

Enable compliant workflows with consistent access and management policies

Deliver frictionless mobile security with Mobile Device Access

You need to improve productivity and increase operational efficiency; however, the introduction of new mobile technologies can create security, management, and usability challenges. Achieve a user-friendly enterprise mobile security strategy that strikes the right balance.
Hear from our customers
Our CEO is really big on optimization and looks for ways to make what we’re doing even better and more efficient. The new workflow is so efficient, a respiratory therapist said, “it cuts his time in half.
Hear from our customers
When time is of the essence, every second counts. Clinicians now have fast and secure access to the most up to date patient information to inform clinical decisions and patient care.
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How Mobile Device Access works

See fast, secure workflows firsthand
Support mobile users in commercial environments
SSO with Zebra mobile devices

Digital identity framework

Learn about the capabilities you need to develop a comprehensive identity and access management strategy that accelerates productivity, improves security, and puts privacy first.

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Platform integrations

Explore how our products and services work together.

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Mobile management services

Deliver faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert services to remotely configure, deploy, and manage your Mobile Device Access solution.

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