Positive patient identification

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Positive patient identification

Why patient identification matters



Positive patient identification is the foundation of effective healthcare: the correct care needs to be delivered to the correct patient. However, relying on manual identification processes such as demographic searches and social security numbers often results in patient misidentification, which can lead to patient safety errors and financial issues for the hospital. Healthcare facilities need to develop an effective positive patient identification strategy that identifies patients accurately and is able to retrieve their correct medical record, while also ensuring that patient data in the back end is accurately matched and up-to-date.

An effective patient identification strategy enables healthcare providers to:

  • Improve patient safety by positively identifying patients to ensure the correct care is provided to the correct patient
  • Improve revenue cycle efficiency by reducing duplicate medical records, overlays, and insurance fraud
  • Improve patient satisfaction by accelerating check-in processes, reducing wait times, and reducing the risk of identity theft posed by conventional patient identifiers
  • Maximize EHR and EMPI investments through deep integrations and improved patient matching

Imprivata PatientSecure is the leading positive patient identification solution for healthcare that improves patient safety and financial outcomes through biometric identification, medical record clean-up, improved patient matching, and workflow optimization.

  • Biometric identification – Imprivata enables hospitals to positively identify patients through a variety of biometric options that create a 1:1 link between patients and their correct medical record. Biometric solutions for positive patient identification like palm vein recognition and iris scanning have a high acceptance rate among patients because they are less intrusive and more user-friendly than standard patient identifiers.
  • Record clean-up and matching – Imprivata can offer your organization a single approach for patient identity management by retroactively cleaning up patient data and proactively eliminating the creation of duplicates and overlays through Master Patient Index (MPI) clean up and integration, medical record clean-up services, and patient matching optimization.
  • Workflow optimization – Positive patient identification can streamline patient flow and experience through the entire care delivery process including self-service check in, patient registration, and point of care verification. Imprivata PatientSecure integrates directly with all major patient self-service kiosk solutions, ADT/registration systems, EHR applications, and EMPI systems.