Protect patient privacy

Solve privacy challenges with digital identity

Prevent inappropriate access to medical records and accurately identify patients with identity management solutions that protect patient privacy without slowing clinicians down.

Secure patient data easier with automation

Efficiently address patient privacy concerns by automating user access rights, securing access to PHI on shared workstations, and proactively monitoring for inappropriate access to medical records.

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Prevent patient misidentification

Inaccurate patient information can lead to dire consequences for both patients and healthcare organizations. Biometric patient identification keeps a 1:1 connection between patients and their medical records at every point of care.

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Protecting patient privacy and improving compliance

Learn how Tampa General Hospital leverages AI-powered solutions to increase visibility, streamline investigations, and ensure patient privacy.

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Assess your digital identity strategy

Achieving the optimal balance of access efficiency, security, and compliance requires an effective digital identity strategy. Quickly assess the maturity of your current program and get actionable guidance to build a comprehensive plan.

Assess your strategy