FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence

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Protect PHI with fast, efficient auditing

Patient Privacy Intelligence provides insight into EHR access data to address insider threats. Establish a culture of security, privacy, and compliance to grow trust between patients and providers.

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Patient Privacy Intelligence capabilities

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Reactive auditing

Quick search enables instant awareness into user actions

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Proactive auditing

AI and machine learning-powered alerts for suspicious activity or access

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Powerful AI and machine learning

Gather risk intelligence and reduce false positives

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Investigation functionality

Quickly conduct investigations to resolve compliance issues

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High-risk user identification

Observe anomalous user activity across all applications with OneID

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Robust reporting features

250+ out-of-the-box reports and customized reporting capabilities

Protect PHI with Patient Privacy Intelligence

Identify threats and investigate data with advanced, AI-powered insights. Patient Privacy Intelligence provides visibility into who is accessing patient data and whether they are acting in a secure, compliant manner.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata makes it easy for us to detect and address privacy violations before they turn into major problems. We can spot an issue, and immediately start to educate users or adjust our processes so it doesn't happen again.
Hear from our customers
We were impressed with Imprivata FairWarning because of the breadth of things that they can do. We could look at using Imprivata FairWarning's products across the board because we have other EHRs, as well. You get more bang for your buck.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata FairWarning lets us monitor and analyze EHR access at scale. The solution filters out the noise and helps us focus our investigations.
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How strong is your privacy monitoring program?

A strong patient privacy monitoring program is a holistic monitoring program, but ensuring nothing is missed can feel like a daunting task. Implement a mature strategy with three key steps.

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Digital identity framework

Learn about the capabilities you need to develop a comprehensive identity and access management strategy that accelerates productivity, improves security, and puts privacy first.

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Platform integrations

Explore how FairWarning works with other Imprivata products and services to provide more granular and accurate insight into digital behavior.

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