Vendor privileged access management

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Protect your organization against a third-party data breach

Provide your vendors with monitored, Zero Trust network access to your internal privileged assets and minimize the risks associated with traditional remote access methods.

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Hear from our customers
SecureLink Enterprise Access helps you understand who’s been on your environment, what they’re doing, and what changes they’re making.
Hear from our customers
It took two or three days to get the solution fully implemented. They provided training on how to use it, and manage vendor access. In a matter of days, we were all set. Now support for vendor access has dropped down from hours to minutes.
Hear from our customers
One of the things I think is really, really important is that SecureLink Enterprise Access focuses on being nimble…addressing changes that are happening…It’s freeing and allows the chief security officer the chance to sleep at night.
Hear from our customers
Personally, the system is amazing. From an IT professional perspective of over 20 years, it has been one of the more pleasant systems to support and maintain. The product just works and the support personnel are phenomenal.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata SecureLink is a trusted partner and the teams, principles, and values you expect out of a trusted partner are inherent in the work over the years.
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Digital identity framework

Learn about the capabilities you need to develop a comprehensive identity and access management strategy that accelerates productivity, improves security, and puts privacy first.

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Platform integrations

Explore how SecureLink Enterprise Access works with other Imprivata products and services to create a simplified user experience, drive IT operational efficiency, and improve time to value.

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