The Nexus

Benefits and capabilities of the Nexus

The Nexus for VPAM customers
Your vendor manages their users, you retain full control and visibility
Experience even faster time-to-resolution with streamlined access.
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The Nexus for CPAM customers
Streamline access by maintaining your single method of connectivity
Manage your users and groups and enable reps to still access customers through a single login.
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Seamless onboarding
The same connection and workflows, with no training or management needed
Connect and immediately share application access once a Nexus connection is enabled.

The Nexus brokers connectivity between a CPAM and VPAM server

The Nexus is an included solution that brokers a connection between a CPAM and VPAM server, allowing each business to use their existing solution, without having to compromise on or change how they make or allow remote connections.

Frequently asked questions about the Nexus

How do I take advantage of the Nexus?

  • First, you will need to be an established Imprivata customer, owning either VPAM or CPAM. Note that this is different from having a Gatekeeper installed in your environment to facilitate access for a CPAM vendor, or logging in to an organization’s VPAM server to provide support.
  • Then, contact the Imprivata Onboarding team and we’ll get you configured for Nexus connections!

If I’m a current customer, do I need to pay for the Nexus?

  • You do not! The Nexus is an included solution for our CPAM and VPAM customers.

If I’m using VPAM with the Nexus, can I require my vendors to authenticate with MFA?

  • Yes, you can require MFA over the Nexus, and prevent vendor users who did not authenticate with MFA from connecting.


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