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Mobile access management for iOS and Android

Today's workforce needs flexibility and untethered access to tools from anywhere, at any time. Drive your enterprise mobility strategy with secure, personalized shared-device workflows and efficient mobile access management.

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GroundControl capabilities

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Simplified device access

Deliver frictionless access to mobile devices with a simple badge tap

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Personalized device experiences

Remove the need for manual authentication

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Privacy for shared devices

Lock devices between use, enforcing personalized access with ease

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Asset tracking and status

Get dashboard visibility into device assignment with real-time insights

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Automated workflows

Create workflow automation to manage devices from the cloud

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Imprivata OneSign integration

Enable centralized policy management and consistent user workflows

Enable enterprise mobility with GroundControl

Optimize the use of shared iOS and Android devices with automated device management, secure device checkout, and seamless application access using a deep integration with Imprivata OneSign.
Hear from our customers
Imprivata helps us break down adoption barriers and make the most of our mobile technology investments. Checking out a shared device couldn’t be simpler.
Hear from our customers
We've worked with Imprivata for a long time…we have a very good working relationship…The Trust did quite a few case studies into Imprivata…when we decided to purchase the GroundControl solution.
Hear from our customers
We’re able to give nurses a complete sense of ownership of these devices in a secure environment without us having to do any work on the back end. We haven’t lost a single device.
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How GroundControl works

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Fast user switching on shared mobile

Imprivata Mobile Device Access is the only mobile authentication solution that enables fast, user switching and SSO for shared Android devices and apps. Users can access shared devices with the simple tap of a proximity badge, and can then SSO to their applications.

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Digital identity framework

Learn about the capabilities you need to develop a comprehensive identity and access management strategy that accelerates productivity, improves security, and puts privacy first.

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Platform integrations

Explore how GroundControl works with other Imprivata products and services to drive efficiency, cost-savings, and a consistent end-user experience.

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Mobile management services

Deliver faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert services to remotely configure, deploy, and manage your GroundControl solution.

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