Imprivata launches new Biometric Patient Identity solution to protect patient privacy and address misidentification crisis

HIPAA-compliant technology prioritizes patient privacy, access, and clinical efficiency to improve patient experiences and reduce duplicate records, accommodating facial masks, glasses, and other attributes without the need for special or expensive equipment

Waltham, MA – February 27th, 2024 – Imprivata, the digital identity company for life- and mission-critical industries, today announced the availability of Imprivata Biometric Patient Identity, a first-of-its-kind facial recognition solution developed for the unique privacy needs of healthcare organizations to ensure accurate and efficient patient identification. The solution comes at a critical time when patient misidentification presents a growing problem in the U.S., as research shows that 24% of an organization’s healthcare records were duplicates. Medical errors from duplicate records have dangerous or even fatal consequences and typically occur from using error-prone traditional identification methods, such as names and dates of birth.

Integrated with Epic, this cutting-edge solution empowers healthcare providers to identify patients quickly, securely, and accurately, mitigating the risk of medical errors, protecting patient privacy, and enabling organizations to provide care with confidence.

“The use of biometric facial recognition technology for patient identification signifies more than just a response to current healthcare challenges, but a transformative stride towards shaping a safer and more efficient future for healthcare,” said Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer and SVP Customer Strategy, Healthcare at Imprivata. “As technology continues to advance in 2024 and beyond, facial biometrics will emerge as a pivotal tool in mitigating the risks of patient misidentification and elevating the quality of care across healthcare organizations.”

Built on the Imprivata Cloud Platform, the innovative facial recognition technology accommodates various attributes like medical face masks, glasses, and hats during the check-in process. The solution stands out with flexible hardware compatibility, working with standard computer webcams to eliminate the need for special or expensive equipment. Designed with HIPAA compliance in mind, the solution solely uses biometric data for approved purposes, ensuring patient data stays as private as the patient’s health record. It remains stored securely within the healthcare organization without any external sharing.

Compounded by the increase in demand for medical care post-pandemic, mergers and acquisitions, and the nationwide nursing shortage, patient misidentification presents a growing problem in healthcare. Manual patient identification processes like name and date of birth are not unique identifiers, especially in cities with larger populations. Errors from manual processes also lead to administrative burdens, operational inefficiencies, and duplicate records, increasing the risk of medical errors like allergic reactions, treatment delays, misdiagnosis, and privacy breaches.

Imprivata Biometric Patient Identity solves these challenges by:

  • Replacing error-prone, manual check-in processes with automated facial recognition to significantly increase patient identification accuracy and efficiency;
  • Lowering the risk of misidentifications and medical errors, helping healthcare providers avoid the financial burden of insurance claims denials and regulatory fines;
  • Deeply integrating into the EHR system to enhance data security, patient privacy, and reduce duplicate records;
  • Publishing enrollment photos on the patient’s record to establish a more personal connection between providers and patients;
  • Accommodating various physical attributes like medical masks, glasses, and hats to make for a seamless user experience.

The solution enables healthcare providers to take a photo of the patient at the time of enrollment and add it to their medical record. At subsequent visits, patients can check in with facial recognition by simply looking into the camera. This significantly increases patient identification accuracy, reduces the risk of errors, and helps prevent identity theft or fraud. This streamlined process also enhances patient satisfaction and eliminates common communication barriers.

Imprivata invites healthcare professionals and organizations to discover more about Imprivata Biometric Patient Identity and embrace the future of patient safety with confidence. To learn more, join us for an informative webinar on March 6, 2024 – register here to secure your spot.

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