Patient privacy monitoring

Increase efficiency, reduce false positives

Protect personal health information with the power of AI and Machine Learning

Reduce the complexities of identifying threats and investigating data with robust insights and advanced AI access explanations. Imprivata FairWarning helps protect patient privacy through providing visibility into who is accessing patient data, and if that person is interacting with the data in a secure, compliant manner. With the most robust features for reactive and proactive auditing, combined with reporting and full investigation capabilities, our industry-leading platform helps you tackle all your privacy challenges.

Features of Imprivata FairWarning

Search on all access events and receive instant awareness into what users are doing at the event level and see what to focus on with indicators and risk scores.

Reduce risk, increase productivity

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Imprivata FairWarning

Through combining Imprivata FairWarning with the capabilities of AI and machine learning from Maize Analytics, teams now have a powerful, unified alerting engine that can identify the highest risk accesses, reduce false positives, and provide context around every access within the EMR. Identify new risks, reduce overall risk, and save time to focus on additional aspects of your privacy and compliance program.


Explain and Score 99% of events

Most of the time, employees appropriately access a patient record. The FairWarning solution utilizes clinical context and employee collaboration networks to determine if an access is appropriate or suspicious, providing explanations and risk scores, then filtering out the appropriate accesses.

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Identify 1% of anomalies, rank and FAIR Score

The 1% of remaining suspicious accesses are ranked and analyzed with FairWarning Artificial Intelligence Risk (FAIR) scores, and access explanations.

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Alert and take action

Users are alerted to review suspicious accesses, shown based on what is deemed highest risk across their application ecosystem to investigate and take action on patient complaints.

Understand the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to your privacy and compliance monitoring program.


MaineGeneral Health Expands Commitment to Patient Privacy, Takes Data Security to the Next Level

"Imprivata FairWarning has not only drastically improved our compliance with HIPAA for auditing, but it satisfies education and training, as well as reinforcement of policies and follow-through."

Managed privacy services

Extend your team with compliance and security experts who monitor and investigate end-user access events through expert use of your Imprivata FairWarning® solutions



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