Patient privacy monitoring

Protect personal health information with AI-powered event monitoring

Protecting patient privacy is not only the best thing do to — it’s the right thing to do.

Imprivata FairWarning and SecureLink Privacy Monitor together provide the most comprehensive, privacy monitoring solution available by combining the power of artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics, and human expertise. Our industry-leading platform audits all access and monitors for suspicious behavior to help you tackle all your privacy challenges, including compliance, security, and violations.  



Comply with confidence

Healthcare providers are required to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule or subject themselves to penalties and potential criminal prosecution. Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence and SecureLink Privacy Monitor help you:

  • Proactively monitor user activity to flag and report anomalous behavior
  • Demonstrate HIPAA compliance by implementing safeguards to avoid lawsuits, fines, and headlines
  • Save time with built-in, robust governance reporting
  • Streamline patient and employee complaint investigations with our full-lifecycle platform for privacy and insider threat detection and incident management
  • Meet the requirements of OCR corrective action plans

Protect patient privacy

For most healthcare organizations, protecting patient privacy is about more than compliance — it’s about trust. Imprivata FairWarning and SecureLink Privacy Monitor combine rules and AI to detect the full range of bad behavior to reduce risk and build patient trust.

Why partner with Imprivata to protect patient privacy?

  • Imprivata knows what to look for to identify privacy violations. Our best practices, developed based on extensive experience, help customers detect the most common types of privacy violations such as snooping, inappropriate record modification, and data exfiltration
  • Our artificial intelligence (AI) models, trained using the world’s largest and most extensive healthcare user activity data set, detect impermissible activity that is harder to predict but needs to be investigated
  • We apply machine learning to the output from both detection approaches to tailor future output to your organization’s specific priorities and risk tolerance level
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Prevent violations

Imprivata helps customers prevent violations by fostering a culture of privacy. We extend the power of your team and work with you to encourage responsible access resulting in greater patient security, increased trust in your system, and greater job satisfaction, too.

Our team of experts, which includes the industry’s only in-house managed services team, can help you:

  • Increase visibility and monitor activity
  • Identify behaviors, individuals and departments that may need additional training
  • Provide educational materials and training to close identified gaps

… All of which help build a culture of privacy.



Epic workflows, supported by Imprivata FairWarning
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Managed privacy services

Extend your team with compliance and security experts who monitor and investigate end-user access events through expert use of your Imprivata FairWarning® solutions




Catch snooping

Protect patient privacy by identifying users looking at records of coworkers, supervisors, household members, neighbors, or VIP patients not as part of treatment, payment or operations.


Uncover inappropriate record modification

Remove risk by finding users viewing, editing or cancelling their own records.


Detect data exfiltration

Prevent fraud and identity theft by detecting users exporting records without permission to do so.


Spot access by terminated users

Protect patient privacy and avoid fraud by catching former or inactive employees accessing clinical applications (or attempting to do so).


Identify compromised credentials

Avoid a breach early by identifying potentially stolen or misused credentials accessing records.


Discover anomalous behavior

Prevent major issues before they happen by leveraging AI to identify users acting sufficiently different from their peers or their own previous behavior.


MaineGeneral Health Expands Commitment to Patient Privacy, Takes Data Security to the Next Level

"Imprivata FairWarning has not only drastically improved our compliance with HIPAA for auditing, but it satisfies education and training, as well as reinforcement of policies and follow-through."


A complete solution

Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence and SecureLink Patient Privacy Monitoring can be combined with Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services, which can save you from the stress and effort of monitoring patient privacy and investigating potential violations.

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