Healthcare Identity Management

Healthcare identity management


Healthcare identity management solutions help improve data security

Protecting the security of patient data is a high priority for healthcare organizations today. As more organizations migrate data to electronic medical records, healthcare identity management solutions can help prevent unauthorized access. But many identity management solutions available today are not viable. Many are cost-prohibitive – too expensive to deploy and too complex to manage affordably. For organizations seeking cost-efficient and highly effective healthcare identity management technology, Imprivata OneSign delivers a market-leading solution.


Imprivata delivers superior healthcare identity management capabilities.

As a provider of authentication and access management solutions, Imprivata offers a leading solution for healthcare identity management that delivers faster access to data while securing patient information. The Imprivata OneSign platform is an appliance and requires no modifications to existing IT infrastructure, so it can be deployed simply and quickly. Imprivata OneSign enables single sign-on for all applications, allowing users to logon once and gain quick access to all of their data and applications. That means users no longer need to enter usernames and passwords whenever they want access to data, or for each application they want to use. Users can simply touch a fingerprint scanner or swipe an ID badge and immediately access their remote session. With Imprivata OneSign, superior healthcare identity management is easy and affordable.


Get faster access to healthcare data, simplify password management and more


With Imprivata OneSign you can:

  • Give healthcare clinicians faster access to data. With Imprivata OneSign, users securely authenticate to workstations with the touch of a fingerprint or proximity card ID badge on a reader and they do not have to type their user name to jump back into their session on any workstation.
  • Simplify password management. Users no longer need to remember multiple passwords for multiple programs. Imprivata OneSign allows users to sign on once at the beginning of their shift and then enjoy quick access to all the applications and data they need.
  • Achieve regulatory compliance. Imprivata OneSign tracks, records and consolidates all access events in a single file, making it simple to produce compliance and identity management reports.
  • Secure data. Imprivata OneSign Secure Walk-Away provides greater security by terminating a work session if the user leaves the workstation without logging off.


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