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Privileged Access Security controlling information access
New features in our latest privileged access security releases: Enhancing connectivity and security
Imprivata releases new privileged access security features to streamline connections, bolster security, and enhance user experience.
Clinicians working
Critical Insights into the Healthcare Sector’s State of Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Preparedness
Imprivata survey at DMEA 2024 conference reveals progress in identity management and challenges of KHZG and NIS2 Directive preparedness.
Clinician with mobile device
A research-supported action plan for secure and efficient clinical mobile use with Imprivata mobile solutions
A new peer-reviewed study details how an enterprise-owned shared device program was successfully implemented with Imprivata mobile solutions.
Biometric identity facial recognition
Biometric patient identification: Enhancing the patient journey
Implementing biometric patient identification can significantly enhance patient experiences and boost your bottom line. 
Business man digesting analytics data
Your data, your insights: New insights into access analytics data
Healthcare organizations can now leverage the power of data insights with Imprivata Enterprise Access Management Analytics.
Business person on connected privileged access management device
Updates to Imprivata customer and vendor privileged access management solutions enhance connectivity, control, and visibility
Imprivata has released the latest versions of its customer and vendor privileged access management solutions.
Secure mobile phone and access to data
Unleash the full potential of shared devices with insight into the state of enterprise mobile programs
New Ponemon research on enterprise mobile programs presents data on the challenges faced by IT and IT security staff.
Claire Reilly headshot
Risky processes, uncontrolled access, and frustrated clinicians: Tales from the frontlines with Claire Reilly, RN MSc
Healthcare organizations across the globe experience obstacles that block technology ROI and hinder patient care. This blog post explores many of the unnecessary difficulties faced by a typical hospital participating in our Clinical Solution Assessment engagements.
Mobile device with healthcare icons
Productivity and patient care: New research on mobile device programs in healthcare
New research illuminates the challenges faced by IT, IT security staff, and clinicians in healthcare. The data highlights the need for stronger strategies and more robust mobile capabilities to improve security, user experience, and productivity.
Imprivata booth at HIMSS24
HIMSS24 highlights: Innovation takes center stage at Imprivata
Here are some of our highlights and takeaways from HIMSS24, including customer stories, mobile experiences, and the latest advancements in vendor securit
Business people looking at a report
Mobile device strategies can make or break an organization: New data on the challenges of enterprise-owned mobility programs
The cost of implementing an enterprise-owned mobile device program can be staggering.
HIPAA regulation image
Third-party access control in healthcare is key to avoiding regulatory noncompliance and fines
Safeguarding patient data is critical for healthcare organizations. Strong cybersecurity protects patients and avoids regulatory noncompliance.
Image of someone holding a phone with a lock sign
Cultivating digital resilience: The crucial role of cyber hygiene, Part 1
In this climate of pervasive security threats and attacks, good cyber hygiene can bolster your organization's defenses, protect sensitive data, and build digital resilience.
Facial recognition technology
Patient misidentification is a huge problem, and biometric technology holds the solution
Patient misidentification is on the rise and can have deadly consequences. Find out more about this problem, and why facial biometrics are the solution.
Image of clinical devices and a tablet with a lock symbol
Partially offboarded healthcare employees: Risks and remedies
Failure to properly offboard employees exposes healthcare organizations to serious security risks. Learn about these risks and how to avoid them with identity governance.
Healthcare cyber threat
7 HHS best practices to mitigate healthcare cyber threats
As cyber threat frequency and severity continue to grow, the HHS has stepped into the picture.
Clinician burnout
3 strategies for reducing clinician burnout with EHR optimization
Clinician burnout is a serious issue with significant financial consequences.
Doctor typing on a laptop
HHS ruling brings new substance use disorder privacy regulations for April 2024
A recent HHS ruling aims to better align Confidentiality of Substance Use Disorder Patient Record regulations with HIPAA. Here’s a look at the changes, benefits, and challenges.
Data breach image
Strengthening security: 5 lessons to learn from Microsoft's recent Azure and Exchange server challenges
The recent data breach of Microsoft’s Azure platform and Exchange servers highlights the importance of proactively preparing for cyberattacks. 
Cyber attack image
Navigating the cybersecurity landscape of 2024: Trends and challenges ahead
The cybersecurity landscape of 2024 presents many challenges, from the rise of credential stuffing and password spraying to the expanding risk of IoT dev