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Take a look at what’s new with Imprivata Privileged Access Management
Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management in the first half of 2022.
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Stepping up to a proactive drug diversion prevention strategy
Fighting drug diversion takes a holistic approach aided by powerful technology.
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Recently, the word unity has taken on a new meaning at Imprivata. With our team more spread out than ever before, our employees are working out of our various offices around the globe and even their homes.
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PAM and VPAM: The power couple safeguarding critical assets from inside and outside threats
Threats exist internally and externally, so you need to make sure you’re prepared. The powerful combo of PAM and VPAM can help keep your organization safe.
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Imprivata Identity Governance 7.2: Expanded capabilities to keep your organization secure
Take a look at the improvements we’ve made to Imprivata Identity Governance, all in the name of making sure we anticipate the needs of your organization.
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Strengthen your security posture with identity governance and privileged access management
Need to keep identity and access locked down? Then you need identity governance and privileged access management.
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Why your Zero Trust strategy needs a third-party privileged access component
Zero Trust isn’t a buzzword. But to do it right, you need to lock down privileged access. Yes, even for third parties.
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10 reasons why hackers think your HDO is an easy target
And why many CIOs are choosing managed services to bridge the IT resource gap and boost security.
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We’re expanding the Imprivata family: Welcome, SecureLink!
We’re thrilled to be welcoming SecureLink, the leader in critical access management, to the Imprivata family!
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Staving off March (security) madness: Digital identity management is your key defense strategy
I know you don’t really need reminding, but here it is anyway: the security of your organization needs to be top of mind. Always.
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Inside the cyber insurance application process
The Imprivata team shares lessons learned from recent completion of the cyber insurance application process. Start early and be ready and transparent.
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Why we love Imprivata!
While it’s easy for us to show you what makes Imprivata a great place to work, we asked our team what they love most about Imprivata, here’s what they had to say
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Biden administration’s new cybersecurity directive champions Zero Trust
It’s the year of Zero Trust. For your strategy to succeed, be sure to put digital identity at its core. Here’s why.
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If 95% of cyber-attacks are due to human error, why have so few clinicians been trained to avoid them?
New study finds a serious lack of urgency among many clinical executives regarding cybersecurity awareness.
Health and Wellness Awards
Imprivata's commitment to health and wellness
Imprivata is honored to be named to Comparably’s list of large companies with the best perks & benefits and best company culture.
Stay vigilant: What we can learn from the Kronos hack
Kronos just experienced a big ransomware attack. But it feels like just another in a never-ending line. Here’s what you can do to help keep your organization safe.
Losing sleep over cyber security insurance? How to get the coverage your HDO needs.
Losing sleep over cyber security insurance? How to get the coverage your HDO needs.
Five key questions to ensure a strong risk profile with cyber security insurers and minimize the cost of skyrocketing premiums.
Enterprise password vault vs. privileged access management
Enterprise password vault vs. privileged access management
When it comes to securing privileged credentials, companies often turn to enterprise password managers or privileged access management solutions. This leads organizations to ask, “Which solution is best?"
Clinicians on the move: Is there more to the healthcare exodus than COVID-19?
It’s time to consolidate and automate identity governance. See 10 reasons why.
From ransomware to killware: Is the future of cyberattacks turning more sinister?
HDOs have witnessed ransomware’s danger to patient health for years. But is killware the next big threat?