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Imprivata Humans of Healthcare: Dana Darger, Director of Pharmacy, Rapid City Regional Hospital
Our Humans of Healthcare series aims to spotlight medical professionals—the very foundation of our healthcare system.
Privileged access management
Imprivata PAM updates improve security and efficiency
New enhancements for Imprivata Privileged Access Management increase control and streamline the user experience
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ASHP 2023: Peer survey results on combatting drug diversion
Drug diversion continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing health system pharmacy professionals and IT security teams.
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Staying ahead of the curve: Navigating the top 6 cybersecurity challenges of 2024
As cybersecurity risks escalate and evolve, organizations will need to be highly adaptive and proactive, while leveraging proven digital identity solutions to combat them in 2024 and beyond.
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Cybersecurity year-end review: Two attacks that helped make 2023 the worst on record
No one is immune in this record-breaking time of cyberattacks.
Mobile ROI
Three reasons you're struggling to achieve a return on your mobile investments
Improve your ROI on mobile investments by understanding three of the most common factors to cause a decrease in returns: inventory shrinkage, workflow fr
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AI and privacy frameworks: Some assembly required
Now is the time to make sure your organization is prepared for the risks of AI.
Privileged access management
Protect corporate social media accounts with a robust privileged access management (PAM) solution
Your organization’s social media accounts can be an easy entry point for bad actors without the right access management tools. 
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Healthcare digital identity solutions
The alarming frequency and severity of cyberattacks have created major challenges for healthcare organizations, and repercussions stretch well beyond IT
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Maximize mobile benefits with a new approach to end-to-end clinical mobility
Take full advantage of the economic benefits offered by shared mobile devices – without compromising security, data privacy, or user satisfaction.
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Enhancing cybersecurity: Why third-party access management is needed now more than ever
As the data threat landscape continues to wreak havoc, it highlights the pressing need for dedicated third-party access security. We'll look at some of the key challenges that come into play, as well as recommendations on how to secure third-party access to protect your most sensitive data and systems from potential threats.
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Five questions with clinical: Supporting a successful mobile program
Don't let IT and clinical disconnects create gaps in mobile program planning. Learn why understanding the needs of the end user is key to successfully implementing IT solutions in clinical settings.
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Expert roundtable explores the role of cybersecurity in ensuring patient safety
On September 12, 2023, Imprivata brought together leading cybersecurity and healthcare professionals for a panel discussion on ‘Navigating Challenges: Healthcare, Cybersecurity & the Government’s Role.’ This blog features key takeaways from the discussion.
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The top 10 cybersecurity trends in 2024 CISOs should be ready for now: what lies ahead
As healthcare’s digital age continues, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. With each passing year, cyber threats continue to evolve and pose new challenges. Let’s explore the top cybersecurity trends to watch out for in the healthcare industry in 2024.
Responding to 2023’s Alarming Rate of Cyberattacks
In this article, we'll examine 2023’s unprecedented number of cyberattacks, explore the leading causes behind them, and discuss what you can do to predic
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Prevent Data Breaches Despite Lost or Stolen Devices
Protect your data and your reputation by learning about the best practices for securing mobile devices.
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Don't let economic turmoil deter you from prioritizing digital identity
When scaling back spending during an economic downturn, don’t sacrifice your IAM budgets.
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Unlock the potential of mobile clinical workflows: Powered by Imprivata and facial recognition technology
In today's healthcare environment, clinicians are increasingly embracing the advantages of mobile technology. Despite its many benefits, security and compliance concerns have, at times inhibited its use.
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Understand the hazards of shared pins in mobile cybersecurity
Too many healthcare organizations are putting themselves at risk by using shared pins for mobile devices. The potential consequences of this are far-reaching and long-lasting.
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The increasing importance of privileged identity management for cybersecurity
Protecting your digital systems and data is essential. Learn how privileged identity management can help you manage and secure privileged accounts and meet cybersecurity compliance requirements.