Yale New Haven matches workstation locations to clinician logins to help manage Coronavirus
A message from Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata
Imprivata OneSign 7.1 Introduces Secure Walkaway Technology
Imprivata, the healthcare digital identity company, has been at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare.
Considerations in your IAAM journey – Final (Part IV): Why take the risk of integration?
Before you read, catch up on Part 0: An IAAM system overview,
Considerations in your IAAM journey - Part III: What should I manage in my IDG system?
Before you read, catch up on Part 0: An IAAM system overview and
Considerations in your IAAM journey - Part II: Role Based Access Control the Unicorn of IAAM…or is it?
Before you read, catch up on Part 0: An IAAM system overview and
Considerations in your IAAM journey - Part I: Who does what
In case you missed part 0 in this series, you may want to brush up on 
Considerations in your IAAM journey - Part 0: An IAAM system overview
I’m sure you’re well aware that IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, so you’re probably wondering why I’m calling this an IAAM journey.
3 Key Learnings from the Gartner IAM Summit
I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Gartner Identity & Access Management (IAM) Summit in Las Vegas.
The problems with relying on passive mobile device security
A recent survey shed some light on a security trend that leaves healthcare organizations vulnerable to attacks: nearly half of respondents said that they rel
Why SSO is the key to unlocking digital transformation in the NHS
Daniel Johnston MRes, RN, Clinical Workflow Specialist, Imprivata
IAAM Insights for Healthcare with Gus Malezis
With the current state of healthcare’s digital transformation identity, authentication and access management (IAAM) is a crucial and necessary step in facili
Three tips to Jumpstart your Distressed IGA Deployment
A focus of the Gartner Identity & Acce
Considerations for healthcare during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Wes WrightAl Colon
30 Questions with Barbara Dumery, Senior Vice President of Product Management
Kelliann McCabe
Employee Spotlight: Meagan Tobin, IT Services Technician
Cultivating the next generation of leaders through the Imprivata Leadership Development Program
Kelliann McCabe “Inspire, equip, and develop leadership talent”
Leveraging technology to simplify clinical workflow
What role does technology play in a provider’s ability to deliver the best patient care? A large one.
3 considerations for multifactor authentication in healthcare
Not only is multifactor authentication a critical tool for healthcare organizations lookin
How two solutions combine to combat patient misidentification
Joaquim Neto, VP of Healthcare, Verato Tom Meinert, Senior Product Manager, Imprivata
IAM for healthcare: What health IT security leaders should expect
Ten years ago, most health system IT leaders did not have Identity and Access Management