7 best practices for supporting telehealth, virtual care, and remote visitation amid COVID-19
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations were already implementing shared mobile devices in
How can hospitals do remote access securely?
When COVID-19 broke out in earnest, hospitals and other employers told everybody to go home and work remotely. I’m doing the WFH drill right now.
Tips I learned running IT for the U.S. Air Force during 9/11
COVID-19 is, simply put, a generational event.
GroundControl for patient iPads
An increasing number of hospitals are finding value providing iPads for inpatient use.
Imprivata GroundControl: Facilitating increased demand for telehealth and virtual care, on-site
Telehealth lets hospitals limit physical provider contact with COVID-19 patients, while still allowing for high quality virtual care – a critical element in
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Imprivata GroundControl: Enabling secure virtual visits during hospital lockdowns
In an effort to reduce COVID-19 infections, hospitals are implementing strict visitation policies preventing any family members, friends, or other loved ones
Healthcare IT companies offering assistance to customers on the front lines of COVID-19
As healthcare providers continue to work around the clock to treat the influx of patients impacted by COVID-19, healthcare IT vendors are doing their part to
‘Pushing the Boundaries’ to Deliver Care Also Stretches Cybersecurity
A crisis often brings out the best of the best.
Positive patient identification in the time of COVID-19
As the volume of patients seeking medical attention increases during these challenging times, correct patient data is more important than ever.
Provider systems face a new crisis from COVID-19: Staffing
Staffing has emerged as one of the most pressing challenges for provider systems dealing with the global COVID-1
COVID-19: Our house is on fire
On my last ER shift, the nurses and I were discussing how all-consuming the COVID-19 crisis is becoming for hospital leadership and front line staff alike...
Yale New Haven matches workstation locations to clinician logins to help manage Coronavirus
A message from Dr. Sean Kelly, Chief Medical Officer, Imprivata
Imprivata OneSign 7.1 Introduces Secure Walkaway Technology
Imprivata, the healthcare digital identity company, has been at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare.
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Considerations in your IAAM journey - Part 0: An IAAM system overview
I’m sure you’re well aware that IAM stands for Identity and Access Management, so you’re probably wondering why I’m calling this an IAAM journey.
3 Key Learnings from the Gartner IAM Summit
I recently had the opportunity to attend the 2019 Gartner Identity & Access Management (IAM) Summit in Las Vegas.
The problems with relying on passive mobile device security
A recent survey shed some light on a security trend that leaves healthcare organizations vulnerable to attacks: nearly half of respondents said that they rel