Imprivata PAM updates improve security and efficiency

New enhancements for Imprivata Privileged Access Management increase control and streamline the user experience

Check out the latest improvements we’ve recently made to Imprivata Privileged Access Management.

Imprivata Privileged Access Management (PAM) is continually evolving — with new releases available on a weekly basis — to ensure the solution helps you protect your critical assets in the simplest and most efficient way possible.

In pursuit of this goal, new PAM features include:

  • Deeper support for Microsoft Entra ID
  • Vault-based record types
  • Additional information to provide greater detail into session activity, audits, and reporting capabilities
  • Improvements to the user experience

Expanded features to give you more control

Here’s a closer look at some of the new enhancements available in our latest version of Imprivata Privileged Access Management.

Additional support for Microsoft Entra ID

Building on previous releases to support organizations using Microsoft, the new PAM release includes additional functionality and efficiency with Microsoft Entra ID, including account management and Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS).

Shared or privileged accounts in Entra ID can now be managed in PAM. Furthermore, passwords for these accounts can be reset on-demand or at a scheduled time, removing the need for any manual rotation by administrators.

Entra ID federation for cloud or on-premises Active Directory is also now included in PAM. This support will allow our customers who utilize AD FS with multifactor authentication (MFA) to keep a consistent user experience throughout PAM, regardless of account origin.

Instant video playback with session events timeline

The instant video playback player now includes a timeline that displays recorded events captured in the user’s session, such as keystrokes, clipboard activity, and file transfer events. Each session event is grouped into a color-coded category with filters, allowing the reviewer to enable or disable each filter category as needed. This capability lets owners and auditors more quickly, easily, and thoroughly understand what a user did while connected in a session, without having to navigate through several reports.


Vault-based record types

Record types are the building blocks of managed records within the PAM vault, and now, they may be assigned to specific vaults. This ability allows system administrators to have more control over where, how, and by whom records can be created and managed in PAM vaults. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with a federated structure or Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who manage multiple customers, as the capability offers extended control over the deployment of custom record types within each customer’s unique vault.

MFA grace period

PAM now offers a configurable grace period for MFA enforcement, improving the user experience by providing streamlined access to those regularly using the solution. When enabled, after a user’s first successful MFA authentication, all subsequent enforcement of an action that requires MFA will be delayed until the defined period has expired.

Further enhancements to improve visibility and streamline the user experience

Additional security audit events

New security audit events that are generated upon user actions have been added to the PAM audit log, providing deeper insight into user activity. These new audit log events include usernames, timestamps, IP addresses, and more.

ServiceNow integration enhancements

PAM integration with ServiceNow provides even richer audit details about approved workflow usage by now capturing ‘Session Connected’ and ‘Session Disconnected’ status events in the incident’s notes.

User experience enhancements

Based on our valuable customer feedback, we’ve added several new features designed to improve the user experience and workflow, while also expanding the breadth of capabilities available. This includes features such as:

  • The ability to search by an object’s unique ID in custom report queries
  • A new JSON Web Token (JWT) Signing Key history page that displays earlier keys and offers an option to restore a previously used key
  • Improved breadcrumb navigation on the create record page
  • Enhanced reporting, validation, and error handling when reorganizing or importing objects to vaults that do not include the assigned record type
  • A sample report to highlight new filtering options based on record IDs
  • The ability to search the session events report using an IP address

Keep your organization secure with the newest market-leading capabilities

In today’s ever-evolving threat environment, many organizations are relying on the added security and peace of mind delivered by our proven solution. Make sure your organization stays safe by taking advantage of PAM and its continuously updated features.

For full details on the latest feature additions and enhancements in PAM, make sure to check out the release notes.

As always, we encourage ideas for future improvements to be submitted to our ideas portal — many of the latest user experience enhancements were driven by suggestions from our customers.

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