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NextGen sued in federal court after data breach
The complaint alleges the EHR provider failed to follow guidelines for protecting data after the company said compromised credentials enabled unauthorized ac
Leader to Leader: Digital Resilience and Creating an Identity-Centric Zero Trust Approach
Health care organizations continually face evolving cyberthreats that can put patient safety at risk.
Hey, CISO: How Mature is Your Digital Identity Strategy?
Debilitating cyber attacks on healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) continue to pose a major threat to public health.
Brain Health, Cybersecurity, EHRs, and Chatbots at ViVE2023
Cybersecurity is a Patient Safety Issue – Imprivata
“A Great Step Forward”: Leaders Share Lessons Learned from the Road to Digital
There is perhaps no topic in healthcare that’s bigger and more relevant than digital transformation.
Cybersecurity: addressing the 'termination gap' and protecting data
Between remote work models, clinician burnout and an
Clop Ransomware Attacks: How Should CIOs Respond?
A series of cyber attacks by a ransomware group called Clop has affected a number of industries from household goods to healthcare.
ESF Partners, NSA, and CISA Release Identity and Access Management Recommended Best Practices for Administrators
As part of the Enduring Security Framework (ESF),
Leveling Up Your Healthcare Security: Assessing Your Digital Identity Maturity
We’re only a couple of months into 2023 and, already, this year is kicking off in a familiar way to the last few: cybercriminals ruthlessly targeting healthc
How Providers Should Use Technology to Meet the EPCS Mandate
Digital health technology has been hailed as an important tool for healthcare providers in prescribing medications, but those tools can be used for harm as w
The rise of prescription drug abuse and drug diversion
Drug diversion is the channelling of prescription drugs from a medical source into the illegal market.
Why Federally Mandated Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances will Benefit Public Health
Although 2022 has brought on a greater sense of normalcy, the past few years have distracted us from one of the most overlooked epidemics plaguing healthcare
Why Healthcare Can't Afford to Ignore Digital Identity
Digitalization has created immeasurable opportunities for businesses over the past two decades.
Improving Patient Outcomes with Digital ID in Healthcare
Wes Wright, CTO of Imprivata, offers expert insights on the state of digital ID in healthcare.
How Can Health IT Help Reform the CDC?
COVID-19 forced a spike in policy-makers’ interest and willingness to invest in public health; a spike that is unfortunately retreating to the old business a
Why Traditional Cybersecurity is Failing Healthcare
Put yourself in my shoes… a Code Stroke patient arrives in our busy ER. Time is of the essence.
More Products, More Problems: Healthcare’s IT Inflection Point
Everyone talks about how healthcare is overwhelmed. That’s an understatement.
Zero Trust and the future of cybersecurity in healthcare delivery organizations
Digital care transformation, the proliferation of disruptive technologies and the changing hybrid workforce have forced the evolution of traditional informat
Is a Broken EHR Breaking The Healthcare System?
Over a decade after ‘Meaningful Use’ – a program that was supposed
Privileged Access Management: The Key to Preventing Supply Chain Attacks
Across all sectors, organizations are relying on third-party software vendors that directly access their systems.