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Increased Cyber Budget Calls for Healthcare to Invest in Digital Identity
Healthcare is experiencing an onslaught of challenges.
Drug Diversion – Can AI Monitoring Solve This Growing Issue?
Although often overshadowed by major news and events, drug diversion – the rerouting of medications intended for patients by healthcare staff and is actually
How Cybersecurity Solutions are Helping Curb America’s Opioid Crisis
When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, it didn’t just usher in the fresh start of a new year.
Lessons in Cyber Resiliency That Manufacturers Can Learn From Healthcare
The manufacturing sector has reached an inflection point in its digitization journey.
Wishes and Worries for 2023: What Ed Tech Leaders Are Thinking About
During the final weeks of 2022, THE Journal asked scores of ed tech leaders about their wishes and worries for 2023.
COVID-19 surge readiness: use cases demonstrating how hospitals leveraged digital identity access management for infection control and pandemic response
Background Surging volumes of patients with COVID-19 and the high infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 challenged hospital infection control/safety,
Outsourcing’s dark side: How to stop the surge of supply chain attacks
It’s an increasingly familiar scenario. A well-regarded company offering a popular online service discloses that it has fallen victim to a data breach.
Cleaning Up The Digital Mess Created By The Great Office Exodus
It's no secret that hybrid work environments have become the norm over the last two years.
Go Password-less. It’s Not Just Possible It’s Desirable
Password complexity is one of the most cost effective and simple ways for organizations to improve security. It’s widely embraced across industries and often
Cybersecurity: Trends From 2022 and Predictions For 2023
As our home networks continue to merge with the enterprise, and as enterprises across all industries become more dispersed, cybersecurity threats increase.
Single Sign-on: It's only as good as your ability to use it
Because they are dependent on dozens of highly technical processes, modern factories can't afford to let security burden end users who rely on technology.
How digital identity improved infection control during the Covid pandemic
The use of digital identity and identity access management (IAM) technologies in hospital settings during the 
Healthcare Cyber Lessons Manufacturers Can Learn From
Think back to maybe ten years ago: you’re at the doctor’s for your annual appointment.
The BarCode Podcast: Chain of Disruption with Joel Burleson-Davis
As Imprivata’s VP of Worldwide Engineering, Cyber, Joel Burleson-Davis is responsible for overseeing teams in the organization that build and deliver cyberse
Digital Identity: The Supply Chain’s Key to Zero Trust
Supply chain digitalization has become essential to many companies’ bottom lines.
Ensuring The Cyber Security Of Supply Chains - A Chat With Imprivata's Mark McArdle
It's more and more important that things that drive improved efficiencies are the things that always make it across the CFO's desk.
Why Third-Party Risk Should Be Manufacturing's Top Priority
The Fourth Industrial Revolution created a new digital world for manufacturers — one requiring greater connectivity, agility, and efficiency than ever before
When Regulations Don't Do Enough To Protect Critical Infrastructure, Digital Identity Can Help
For over two decades, the federal government has issued directives and regulations to protect critical infrastructure from cybercrime.
Resource constraints, recession woes and risks: What’s driving vendor consolidation
Surging cyberattacks hit traditional security like a hurricane in 2020.
Cybersecurity mesh: Healthcare’s foundation for a strong ZTA
One of the most popular analyst terms in 2022, cybersecurity mesh is a defense method for securing each device and critical access points with their own secu